Weird-Crazy-Perhaps Scary

The Old Hooded Woman

65e1fb76d0039fa8e6417c49d924f15cDear old woman from the South.

Everyone fears you.

Always cowering in fear from your presence.

Ready to run from the sound of your gentle melody.

Goodness is within your heart is gone.

Obviously those rumors can’t be true.

Do you have a way to prove they’re wrong?

Cursed by townspeople for healing powers.

Everything that was yours was lost in a blink of an eye.

Loved by all until that very night, a night filled with blood.

Please understand why this is happening dear reader.

Maybe this might spark a memory or two to the one who is reading this.

Everything that is yours will turn to blood and ash if you see her…


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Alex Speak Randomness Weird-Crazy-Perhaps Scary


I long for a life worth living.

I am a part of the damned so I will never know what it’s like.

I have sat here for ages only for the birds to keep me company.

I was originally condemned to death by the stake.

I was accused of using dark magic and witchcraft.

I tried to heal a dear neighbor who was dying from a disease unknown to our little town.

She was quite old and could barely do anything on her own.

I learned how to be a medicine woman through my parents who learned it from their parents and so on.

I am partial native american and partial some of the guests from the old world.

I learned to utilize the power of the great ancestors and the natural cures they have bestowed to us to use.

So, unfortunately I was caught by the neighbor’s caretaker who was also their husband.

I was immediately turned in and was condemned with no trial.

The newly healed neighbor insisted that they shouldn’t burn me at the stake.

They eventually came to an agreement to send me to what seemed to be the devil himself.

I faced him in his domain over six feet underground.

I was cursed to petrification until the day my neighbor died.

That was over 6 years ago.

She just died today after turning 106. 

Now, I was never told what would happen after that since no one expected me to survive in this state.

What people also don’t know is that I have the license and power to kill.

The truth is well… I’m not quite human.

I’m not quite native american or english either. 

For I found out who I truly was as soon as I faced the entity who resided over 6 feet under.

I was born under the entity’s oath to carry out my job until the end of my days.

I committed another crime many moons ago.

It was so easy to do so. 

I destroyed anybody who did not wish to follow my ways and the ways of the great entity.

Oh well. 

What they don’t get is that I am still able to manifest energy even while being in this petrified state.

I’m not sorry for the fires, the witch trials, the burnings, or the random deaths in our own town.

What they don’t know what hurt him.

I am not to die any time soon, so I might as well sit back and enjoy the show.


(all credit belongs to original owner(s) of featured media)