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  • Positivity and Funnies: Holiday Memes

    We’re almost done with 2020 and boy it’s been a year for the history books. What is desperately needed now is some positivity and funnies! The holidays are finally here so you know what that means, holiday memes! Let’s get started on some holiday funnies! Ouch! I have to admit that it’s National Lampoon’s Christmas […]

  • My Starved Rock Adventure- April 2018

                 My geology class and I went to Starved Rock National Park in mid April. We made a few different stops within the range of the Starved Rock area. We went from Buffalo Park, to a few stops within the Quarry, and lastly Mathessien Park. I took over 100 photos, […]

  • Zen Frost

    Zen Frost

    Seasons always change. No drop, leaf, nor snowflake remains.  There are no mistakes. Nothing ever remains the same. And neither do we.

  • Weekly Funnies- Pre-winter funnies

    Weekly Funnies- Pre-winter funnies

    Winter is indeed coming… are you all ready for it? Well if you are, great! If not, stow ahead! Would some funnies make the chill a little bit less harsh? “Yeah, sure thing boss! I’ll be there in 23 years!” *sniffle* That was the most beautiful winter poem I have ever heard in my life! […]

  • Red Winter River

    Red Winter River

    Deadly beauty at its finest. The elixir of the red rose’s thorns mixed within a river of ice. That is what we are. The Red Winter river flows during this time of great transition. I met my love here, right at the moment when we were both born. Bonded blood by blood, skin by skin, […]

  • c01d3r


    I am colder than you could ever imagine… I am not the soft sunlight you thought I was. Death’s kiss isn’t cold enough to describe me. When I see… I shroud my mind with mist… When I bite… I burn my tongue…  When I breathe… I rejoice… When I embrace… I freeze into the stiff roots… […]

  • Thoughts #956- Share

    “She knew that I was one with the snow. She knew that when winter came my heart was cold, but I was still able to love. She knew that I was meant to live in it for an eternity.” Manuel Osornio Image source https://www.pexels.com/ Stay Connected!!! Instagram:@_emotions_of_life_2016 Twitter: @emotionsoflife1 Thank you for considering supporting emotionsoflife2016 […]

  • No Need to Justify

    No Need to Justify

    There is no need to explain the weather. I did not create the snow. There is no need to explain the seasons. I am not the creator of eternal beauty. There is no need to explain rain, winds, and snow. I can not explain it’s happenings. There is no need to explain why things happen. […]

  • Chilled


    Cast my body; Hold me between a time flux. It’s for my own well being. Love is as precious as sharp ice. Loneliness bares the dastardly curse of the sun. Everything shines clear underneath a sheet of ice. Death cannot keep its grip on me if I’m frozen below the sheet casted around me. (all […]

  • Purple Snow

    Purple Snow It’s a substance unlike any other. I just cannot take my eyes off of it. So harsh to the touch yet it warms my heart. Bundles of icy pearls mesmerize me.  Lavender, icy blues, sugary whites. Endless riches and goods are meaningless.  Gold and jewels are worth nothing more than lead. I’ll sacrifice […]