Dream Journal- Insight from an Elk

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The dream I had last night seemed to have a heavy emphasis on spirituality and what I need to do to change the way I’m living my life. For the past few months I have been struggling with the lifestyle that I have created for myself. I’m thinking that a divine force from the universe is trying to tell me something through this dream.

When I entered the dream I found myself in a very socially active area with a lot of people. I wasn’t exactly sure where I was or what I was doing at the time. Within the crowds of people, a few iconic folks from YouTube (names anonymous we’ll call them Jane and Jeremy) made themselves known. They stuck from the crowds of people and quite a few of us started to follow Jeremy and Jane while others split into their own groups. A great circular valley formed and a forest lining the mountain sides grew gradually. Jane and Jeremy were very kind and protective people who loved the people who followed them. The circular valley started to develop shelf-like grooves within the rock. A river connected to a waterfall developed from the side of a massive circular rock that was formed within the valley. Everyone took on a groove and created a ‘mark’. The other groups spectated from above and they appeared to be in awe of the development of the valley below. Grassland, orbs and waves of light flowed through the development on the valley.

Over time people started to grow sour and left our group. The development of the valley started to slow down and the flow of energy ceased to exist. The waterfall turned to a trickle which eventually stopped. The spectators left and there was only a few of us left. I looked above where a V-shaped valley developed around the river and a massive Elk showed itself above the cliff and gracefully jumped down to my side. The icons and the few people who were there were either threatened by the Elk or tried to get a hold of Jane and Jeremy to stop me. Another few Elk stood upon the cliff and urged us to go. I was reluctant, yet excited to leave. Jane and Jeremy didn’t stop me from joining the Elk. Jeremy was confident that we would find some compromise so I can meet up with them while I’m able to move freely. I had hoped that we would be in a healthier environment, but the Elk who was at my aid put me on it’s back and took me on a journey where I traveled for what felt like centuries within seconds. I was given the ability to fly, but was kind of shaky with it for not exactly knowing how to in the first place.

Eventually I was stopped in my hometown right in front of my high school. I was taken off track by something and I got split off from the group of Elk. I realized that there was something else I needed to do before moving onto the next level. There were some children that needed to be freed from the harsh hierarchy that ruled the school. Across the street from the school there was a hidden portal with an obstacle course which led to Mother earth (Gaia) in the form of a massive tree within a cliff. A massive wall of waterfalls faced the front of Gaia. I managed to trick the nasty head of the school, got to Gaia, cleansed and freed the kids, and then got back to the high school. One of the Elk found me and had me slowly take off from the ground into the sky. I was too tired to have the assistance of the Elk help me fly so I got onto the back of the Elk and went to our next destination.

We landed into a glass building which was supposedly a Wal-Mart. In reality it was basically a grocery store filled with angry and deceitful people who tried to mug each other. After grabbing what I needed, I was lead to the lanes that lead to an opening gate to an airplane. I was checked out, given a few bags, then lead off to the door which lead to a massive flash of light. I woke up feeling strange yet intruiged by the dream.

I’m wonder what my future entails….

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Sycnchronicities- The Butterfly Effect

I am truly obsessed with The Butterfly Effect (or Chaos Theory). Ever since I heard of it, it just ‘clicked’ with me. This all started by watching a Let’s Play Youtube video of Until Dawn. (I’m honest when I say it takes a lot for something to stick in my mind. I do my best to look at things with an open mind and consideration before diving into anything) The intro pops up with colors fluxing to negative contrast with an image of a butterfly. The butterfly had the description: ‘A tiny butterfly flapping its wings may lead to a devastating hurricane weeks from now’. As the game continued to go forward past the raunchy cut scenes and game-play, the screen projected an image that has stuck in my mind for over a year now.

Until Dawn™ Preview_20150705130640
(Until Dawn Game-play Image from Until Dawn Wikia)

After I see this image, I turned off the video, went to bed, and went to work the next day. About maybe 1-2 weeks later, at the peak of spring, I start to see butterflies everywhere I go. I noticed that majority of them were white, orange, and yellow. I usually saw the butterflies when I went back and forth to work. Only once did I see a brownish colored moth, which lead to a very difficult phase in my life. It felt as though I was dying, in some odd way. I felt depressed, angry, confused, nor did I understand all of the racing thoughts that zipped through my head. There was so much inner turmoil as I found myself struggling to let go of my past (people, things, old feelings, etc). In the end it was for the best. So, in terms of loss, I lost an old aspect of me that was no longer needed.

I ended up making new friends, getting back into school, gained more experience at work, let go of old stuff, got new stuff, and so much more than I could ever ask for. I have created a life for myself!

So, today I still see tons of butterflies everywhere I go. However, now their colors change and flow depending on where I currently am in life. Now and again I think to myself ‘who knew that a motif from a game could take form in my life’. It all makes sense now.


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Dream Journal: The Totem Dream

I had a very odd dream last night. There were lots of totem animals involved with this. I recall being at work, but it seemed a bit different than usual. It was still the same area, only the colors were monochrome (gray, silver, faded colors), and it seemed very warehouse-like, and maybe even industrial looking. I had one of my bosses pull me aside and he asked me if I wanted to help him out with something. AND he also had an offer for a job he wanted me to do. I followed him to the right, out of one of the back doors of the building, onto this ranch, and it was beautiful. It was massive!

5e10154646df14279a828933c754a597     I recall following my boss to this enclosed area that had lots of lions in it. It was a circular cave like area with what appeared to be a floor that could be moved. He said he would be on the other side to feed them and that he wanted me to pull a lever when he gives me ‘the signal’. My boss whistled and I pulled down a lever. I watched as all of the lions scurried through a door into this organized feeding area that had slots for all of them to eat off of. Then the platform where the lions sat upon opened up into a clear pool of water, one of those you see at a zoo or at an animal sanctuary. There were two Grizzly bears that appeared out of no where and swam up from the bottom of the pool. One went to a ledge to the left and sat on it, while the other kept jumping up and down to try to get to me.

933373-grizzly-bear      I was uneasy at first, but then the bear was acting playful. He was high-fiving my hands and playing with them. He jumped up higher and got my face wet, then he nibbled my fingers. The other bear had fish flying at her and she waved at me. The bear who jumped at me seemed almost dog like in a sense. My boss then got the bears to go off into a grassy clearing. Not long after we moved onto a fenced area where there were Llamas laying on these sack-like pillows and my boss started to give handfuls of feed to the livestock. He told me to be patient with the llamas. At first, I was testy with them, and they seemed testy with me, but then we warmed up to each other.

Livestock      I recall looking among the Ranch like sanctuary, looking at the mountains, the trees, and the sunset. I absolutely loved it. I fell asleep in a barn-like home and looked amongst the stars as I fell asleep in the canopy. I woke up this morning, and was gliding down to a building that stored different supplies. It was foggy and cold. All of a sudden I heard a yell by a few girls that I did not recognize, and they needed my help with something. I followed them up towards a road (freeway like) and then into the lush, grassy hills where livestock and horses ran by me. I got onto one momentarily and eventually reached the ranch to this house. I overheard my boss talking to me about this Rooster that was a pain in the ass and kept trying to get away, Within the house there were bits of it that looked like a greenhouse with a bird-like cage. I entered this one castle-like room with a wooden edge that led to a window. I had visions of the rooster flying up, then turning into a Loplop, then a man-like creature, then flying out the window, onto a ledge, then flying away. I saw the ocean from the window and could see the beach and cliffs from down below. I saw my sister for a bit, and I was very confused, especially on how I was going to get the rooster back. After that I woke up.


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