The Dog and The Vulture


“I see we’re in a bit of a conundrum here” voiced the dusty vulture.

“Yes, indeed we are” groaned the stretchy skeletal dog.

“What will it take for you to set me free?” asked the vulture.

“Whatever is left of your scrawny body shall do” the dog mumbled.

“That defeats the purpose of me being here. I have no meat left. Just bones and dust” the vulture complained.

“That’s not my problem” voiced the dog.

“It is when I peck your eye sockets out” the vulture said as he reached towards the dog’s eye sockets.

“Go ahead, I dare you” growled the dog.

“What’s the difference you two? Quit your lollygagging and let each other go” voiced a deep guttural presence of shadows and light.

“What was that?” the vulture barked as he glared at the dog with shallow eyes.

“The hell if I know” the dog shrugged.

Vast blinding energy flashed into the undead mind of the dog and vulture.

Visions of living and breathing in a world of life jolted them awake.

Both beings started to shriek and shout in terror, for the tenth time they finally remembered why they ended up in the null void in the first place.

Within the blink of an eye, every fiber of the dog, vulture, and caged dissipated into crumbs of dust.

A bony hand reached out and stuffed the unknown substance into its mouth full of grimy yellow teeth.

The same guttural voice sighed and said,”Ah, whose next?”

An endless row of caged human beings stretched for miles.

People of all ages resided within the rusted chrome colored cages.

“This is my heaven, and you’re my endless feast of pure satisfaction. I thank the darkness above for your abundance. I’ll never go hungry like how I did hundreds of years ago before I entered this safe haven”.

The caged animals shrieked in terror as the creature put out his hands from the shadows that vacuumed up every ounce of living flesh of the shrieking creatures.

The bony frames of each creature formed into a wide variety of mammals to devour. Their bodies stood the test of time as they resembled the last thing they have eaten before they were buried six feet below.

“Now your souls will feel the true suffering your creatures of light, including myself have been going through for centuries. I’m digging in”.


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)



I wish you’d see what I’d see.

Don’t you see?

I’m just a nymph.

A lonely nymph that everyone runs away from.

It doesn’t matter if its a bird, deer, rabbit, human, or any other critter….

They all just run away from me.

But why?

Why do you run from me?

Maybe its the way I look.

I have not been able to see my reflection for over one hundred years now.

I look at the water from time to time, only to find no reflection.

Why do I have no reflection?

My hands always feel so cold, but everything I touch feels warm.

But I’m not dead, am I?

I don’t crave blood, nor guts from anyone or anything.

I just wish for love, compassion, and company from others.

You see?

This is why I have you here now.

I’m lonely and am so tired of it.

Just some company with you is all I could ever ask for.

I had to tie you down to a tree stump near a hollow cave with which I reside in.

I’m sorry, but I just did not want anyone to run away from me anymore.

You thought about it as you cowered in fear as I interrupted you making love to your partner.

When I saw you from afar, I thought to myself how pretty you looked.

Your long, black hair, green eyes, fine skin, and a gentle sweet smell of something I cannot describe.

I just wanted to spend time with you, I’m truly sorry for harming your partner.

You see though, he got in my way. So I had to end his life just for you to take a little bit of time from yours.

So, now its just you and me. Isn’t that great?

Why do you keep cowering in fear over me? Why does everyone scream, cower, or run from me?

What did I do to deserve this?

Since you don’t want to spend time with me, I’ll have to go find someone else to spend time with.

I’ll gladly add you to my collection.


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)