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  • Creature Feature- KingSpook

    Creature Feature- KingSpook

    Kingspook-  When you press the play button on one of Kingspook’s videos, you’ll find that there’s absolutely nothing more ominous, yet soothing than his deep voice. It grips you tightly into the plot like a fish on a hook until the very end. Kingspook, a highly unique Canadian horror narrator and voice actor has been […]

  • My Last 4 Creations- (Creature Feature- show this artist some love!!!)

    My last 4 creations (20 october 2017): Which one do you prefer ? Earth and sky _ ALOZADE Ahmed Theater of the demons _ ALOZADE Ahmed Heat and water _ ALOZADE Ahmed Fire and water _ ALOZADE Ahmed via My last 4 creations: ..Which one do you prefer ? — paintdigi Show this wonderful artist some […]

  • The Spirit in Blue- Transition and Transformation

    A colossal wave of cosmic light engulfed my whole being. The world that I barely even knew transformed into something that not even my wildest of dreams could manifest. I don’t know begin to describe how I felt as the light swallowed me whole… thousands of words kept popping up in my mind, and neither […]

  • The Spirit in Blue

    The Spirit in Blue

    I have lost track of all the days I have wandered aimlessly, eyes drained of tears and body depleted of energy. My heart tells me to keep going, but my mind tells me to back down, give up. The dreams of the fallen have shattered in front of my eyes. Like their dreams, my heart […]

  • Creature Feature- Nico Wonderdust

     Nico Wonderdust: Is a British Creepypasta and Horror story based writer and narrator who posts new videos every Monday on Youtube. His areas of focus are Creepypastas, Disney, Ritual, and True Horror stories. His Youtube channel has been around for a little over 10 months and has already obtained over 26,000 views and 662+ subscribers. […]

  • Stretched- 5 haikus

    Life is filigree Dark spots show more than light ones. Sadness is my art. Is life just a test? If so, I’m sure I’m failing. I can restart, right? I don’t lie dear friend. What I feel right now is real. I feel nothingness. Why do you smile friend? What is there to smile about? […]

  • Thoughts #956- Share

    “She knew that I was one with the snow. She knew that when winter came my heart was cold, but I was still able to love. She knew that I was meant to live in it for an eternity.” Manuel Osornio Image source https://www.pexels.com/ Stay Connected!!! Instagram:@_emotions_of_life_2016 Twitter: @emotionsoflife1 Thank you for considering supporting emotionsoflife2016 […]

  • Thank You For Your Support Spoopy Friends

    Thank You For Your Support Spoopy Friends

    Words cannot express how grateful I am for all the beautiful people who have connected with me recently and overall. I cannot thank you all enough for supporting me and everything that I do. I didn’t expect things going this far with my site, writing, artwork, and everything else I’ve been intending to do.  So, […]

  • Preacher Six (Final Version, Creepyku)

    God’s plan will be done. Evil will writhe and perish. I’m the chosen one.   Support Preacher Six! Share, Like, Donate, and or Support the cause! (Preacher Six poems: Original, Version 2, Version 3)

  • Preacher 6 poem (Version 3)

    Traditional religion is dead. A divine awakening is upon us all! I have been summoned to serve God. I shall terminate the malevolent for I am his anointed servant. If blood must be spilt, then let it spill infinitely. If the tainted souls of Satan must perish, then let their corpses writhe and fall. Open the gates […]