Sick from the Wasted Mind


Here I sit at the edge of the Archangel of Death’s domain once again. Dammit I really just couldn’t help myself this time. 

Smoke it, snort it, drink it, shoot it, consume it, fuck it, abuse it, feel it….

I hit up whatever makes me feel high in the sky despite the cost.

How can a substance be so bad if it just makes you feel so good?

Even if that good only lasts for a few moments….. isn’t that better than feeling nothing at all? The pain and agony that I feel from life is just too much.

Please, I just need a quick fix, just an escape, a pick me up, something… Make me feel like I’m on cloud nine all over again.

Hangovers, nausea, shattered ear drums, panic attacks, migraines, delusions, hallucinations, infections and so much more don’t phase me.

I have given up my family, my friends, my job, my home, my belongings, my money, my life, everything. I’m willing to trade it all for the gates to cloud nine.

The endless bright colors, magical ones with their wise eyes upon mine, no gravity, no pain, the euphoria… my whole body burns when I come upon cloud nine.

Now I sit at the gates’ edge as I watch my lifeless body below.

People cry and scream as they try to shake me awake from my wasted mind. People who I assumed hated me for what I did.

Forgive me. 

Drug abuse is a major problem in the U.S. and worldwide. No illegal/legal substance is worth sacrificing your friends, family, belongings, home, as well as your life for. For more information on drugs and drug abuse, you can check out Drug Free World or National Institute of Health on Drug Abuse.


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Update- Featuring Special Causes

There is something that I’ve wanted to do for a little while and I wanted to give a heads up on what it is. I have interests in several different special causes, non-profits, organizations, charities, etc. What I am going to do is once a week I am going to post and feature a reputable special cause, what they’re about, and how we can help.

I’ve learned over the years that even the littlest bit of effort counts; whether it be community service, donating, or even just sharing the cause with others and spreading awareness.

So with that being said, I am going to go forward and begin!

If you have an organization or special cause that you think would be important to share, let me know and I’ll feature it! All I need are the groups credentials, what they do, and how they contribute towards the specific cause.