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  • Dream Journal: Balancing Honey and Puzzles

    Dream Journal: Balancing Honey and Puzzles

    Last night I dreamt that I was put into an asymmetric, geometric like place that was filled with puzzle pieces that glowed in the dark with neon colors. I was very confused to where I was or why I was here in this odd looking room. There were other people in the room with me. […]

  • Nameless Dreamer- In between

    A ball of blinding light from the sky shot through the nameless dreamer’s eyes. It shocked the girl for a moment, causing her to cover her face, but she felt no pain. When she opened her eyes again, her vision was permanently changed. She no longer saw things the way she saw them before. As […]

  • Nameless Dreamer- Interlude

    Nameless Dreamer- Interlude

    The faces of the enlightened ones grew visible in the darkness of the midnight sky. The faces turned into full-bodied beings made of the cosmos above. Light Cosmic dust and geometric shapes emphasized the details within each being. They laughed lightheartedly, smiled, and bowed to the dear girl. They acknowledged an infinite source of power […]

  • Nameless Dreamer- The New World Pt 2

    Nameless Dreamer- The New World Pt 2

    The girl looked down at her feet and looked back up to see a thin, almost thread like bridge with dozens of paper lanterns tied on almost every nook and cranny.  What was once a dusk sky transformed and melted into a blue twilight full of stars that stretched endlessly. On the other side of […]

  • Nameless Dreamer- The New World pt 1

    Nameless Dreamer- The New World pt 1

    The girl felt a sense of relief as soon as she was able to see her beloved best friend, Feather. Every time she caressed Feather’s silky smooth face, fond moments and memories of the past flooded her mind. Her parents, family, friends, feather, everyone she held dear could be seen in front of her eyes […]

  • Nameless Dreamer- Saying Goodbye to the Old World

    “Let’s go!” Before the girl could speak, the orb swiftly picked up the girl and flung her over the endless waterfall. She looked down at the infinite bottom below her that never seemed to end. The Indigo orb catches her by her shoulders and hovers with her above one of the floating pieces of rock. […]

  • Nameless Dreamer- Growing Pains

    Nameless Dreamer- Growing Pains

    The girl crossed her arms and let out a forced sigh. “You keep saying, ‘You’ll see’, but I don’t see anything! What you are saying makes no sense at all.” “You’re not a very patient one are you?” The orb said in a very calm matter. “No, it’s not that I’m impatient. It’s just that […]

  • Nameless Dreamer- An Awakening

    Nameless Dreamer- An Awakening

    With the gentle twist of the key, the door began to slowly open towards her. She backed up a couple steps and looked through the door. The orb landed on her right shoulder and nuzzled up against the girl’s neck. Once again the sensation of warm tingles that she felt before came back. A sky […]

  • Nameless Dreamer- The Development of Wings

    Nameless Dreamer- The Development of Wings

                 As the girl ran after the indigo orb, a sharp pain jabbed her shoulders and back, causing her to fall to her knees. Ow! What the hell? She jumped back up to find that there was nothing behind her. She felt her shoulders for any kind of bleeding or open gashes. […]

  • Nameless Dreamer

    Nameless Dreamer

                   The moment her eyes opened the new world, she knew that nothing would ever be the same. Her icy blue eyes couldn’t absorb everything around her. A sky full of color that stretched on for what seemed forever, reflective waters as far as the eye can see, one […]