63e4107d1925c588057a05dbb39d3132The true monster lies within my head.

I know damn well that it wants me dead.

I feel as though I’m dangling from a single thread.

Sleep has never really been my thing…

I can’t feel joy whether if I write, dance, or sing.

I don’t want to answer the phone when it rings.

It’s ridiculous, no I’m ridiculous!

Take a good look at me.

What is it that you can see?

Maybe if you tell me the truth then you can set me free.

But I know it cannot be… the only one who can tell the truth is me.


(Don’t do this alone… HELP is within your reach)

Please help support Depression Army and their good cause!

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Sick from the Wasted Mind


Here I sit at the edge of the Archangel of Death’s domain once again. Dammit I really just couldn’t help myself this time. 

Smoke it, snort it, drink it, shoot it, consume it, fuck it, abuse it, feel it….

I hit up whatever makes me feel high in the sky despite the cost.

How can a substance be so bad if it just makes you feel so good?

Even if that good only lasts for a few moments….. isn’t that better than feeling nothing at all? The pain and agony that I feel from life is just too much.

Please, I just need a quick fix, just an escape, a pick me up, something… Make me feel like I’m on cloud nine all over again.

Hangovers, nausea, shattered ear drums, panic attacks, migraines, delusions, hallucinations, infections and so much more don’t phase me.

I have given up my family, my friends, my job, my home, my belongings, my money, my life, everything. I’m willing to trade it all for the gates to cloud nine.

The endless bright colors, magical ones with their wise eyes upon mine, no gravity, no pain, the euphoria… my whole body burns when I come upon cloud nine.

Now I sit at the gates’ edge as I watch my lifeless body below.

People cry and scream as they try to shake me awake from my wasted mind. People who I assumed hated me for what I did.

Forgive me. 

Drug abuse is a major problem in the U.S. and worldwide. No illegal/legal substance is worth sacrificing your friends, family, belongings, home, as well as your life for. For more information on drugs and drug abuse, you can check out Drug Free World or National Institute of Health on Drug Abuse.


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Good Causes: Wildlife Aid Foundation

Wildlife Aid Foundation is an excellent organization that focuses on the welfare of non-domesticated animals in southern England. Their goal is to help protect and preserve the wildlife that resides in England, take the reports from others who find cases of wildlife in trouble, learn more on how they can help continue to save animals, and educate others on the importance of wildlife and our ecosystem. The foundation was created by Simon Cowell in the 1980’s and is still going strong today. Today, He and his team work together to help create that balance in England’s ecosystem. To help support their cause or find out more information, you can check out the site at any point in time. They are always looking for people to help fundraise, volunteer, sponsor, and find ways to get involved in any way possible. 


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