Creature Feature- Sociopathic Pasta (Re-upload and Update)

Sociopathic Pasta– Since 2010, a classic slasher inspired Sociopathic Pasta (Sabian Lockheart), has been creatively narrating creepypastas and cryptic horror stories. He also presents well written and ‘spoopy’ weekly “Tales of the Crypt” style Creepypasta videos. He has over 18,000 subscribers, 2.2+ million channel views, and a reputation to bring on chills and thrills with a classic campfire story setting. If truly authentic horror is what you seek, you surely will find it with Sociopathic Pasta. 

Please check out his amazing content and send some love his way! Rest assured, you will not be disappointed.

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ALSO——> Check out this sick book!


(8 years strong! Much love to you and your family Sabian. =) )


6d0sJcFSick as sick can be.

Sick as sin can be.

Sick as the mortician.

Sick as the reaper.

Sick as the bleeding gums.

Sick as the eyeless.

Sick as the paper thin skin.

Sick sickly as the doctors.

Sick sickly as the doctors’ masks.

Sick sickly as impending doom.

Sick as sick can be from the ungodly cold and the hellish heat. 

Sick as sin can be as the doctors prance through the grass at night.

Sick sickly like the number of bodies growing in the millions.

Sick sickly like the devilish mortician’s fancies.

Hellish as the dreams of the dead fill my eyes and flood my senses.

Hellish as bones crack, as skin melts like cheese, and as screams go hoarse. 

Hellish as the mixture of smells and sights grows more grotesque by the minute.

I’m stuck in this towering terror of pain. 

I was once a doctor… now just a number with which was written upon my back.

Written on, seared like cattle, then gutted like swine. 

I’m mixed in with the plague, like one big steaming stew. 

I have a mask that was made for me.

It was made from me.

The end is near.




Comfort in the Panic Room


This is my happy place.

Hell is outside and Heaven is within these walls.

Everything feels safe within my panic room.

Everyone else is damned for sure.

No one can escape the inevitable.

Do you want to know my little secret?

Its the key, the golden ticket, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Silently waiting for it to come brings fear, death, and destruction.

Continue to live this way and you’ll never be at peace.

Only I can save you all, the voices told me so.

Maybe if you lend an ear I can give you my advice I can save you all.

I am the one who can save you all from the Devil himself.

No one knows that I am the chosen one.

God only knows that I can defeat them all.

See, I didn’t know that I was the chosen one until recently.

Only through the voices and visions did I learn the truth.

Only seeing the suffering of others gave me hope and strength.

Now who will you turn to for your freedom?


Finding a Bit of Positivity in a Sticky Situation

Being sick is never fun. But, it happens. I can say that for myself who is silently suffering on the inside and ready to literally claw the walls in my house apart. However, I find that no matter what situation I’m in, I always try to find the humor and positivity in everything. So, for those who are currently at home feeling under the weather, here’s a little something that might cheer you up just a bit. =)


Why in the world do people always say, “I can’t afford to get sick”. I didn’t know that was something that was potentially affordable? Does it cost more than a new car, a new house, bills, food?


Have you ever had the kind of sneeze where it causes you to tumble over your own feet? That would be me in a heartbeat, even when I’m not sick.

Golden Retriever puppy

Where did the term “Sick as a dog” come from? I mean why can’t I be that cute when I’m sick? Its no fair!

I hope this made your day a little bit better.


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Catching up! Sick


Hi all! My apologies for the lack of posts over the past week or so. For all of those who know, I went back to my hometown in California for about a week. I spent time with my family, shopped, ate out, spent time with the pup, watched Channel Zero: Candle Cove, enjoyed some belated christmas festivities, and of course… drama llama fever. But, that’s not the fever I’m talking about. I got sick around Friday-Saturday ish and since then I haven’t really been able to do too much. I’ve been fighting a fever on and off and I believe I have a sinus infection (based on past experience with having them frequently as a kid + doctor’s opinion). 

I got back home on last night around 6pm. I’m feeling a bit better than I did a day or two ago, but still not feeling too hot. What can I say? Sometimes traveling and overdoing it can make you ‘As sick as a dog’. 

ANYWAY, here I am. Slowly but surely recuperating from this ailment (my god I am the absolute WORST sick person ever. I have cabin fever already!). I’ll be writing and doing more stuff based on how I’m feeling at the present moment.

And that is all! I hope you all have been having a lovely year thus far. Lots of light and love your way.


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