Alex Speak Artwork

Untitled Works- 3/17/2017

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Untitled. by Alex Snow 3/17/17

Media: Graphite & sharpies

(Inspired by Preacher Six project)


Artwork Randomness Universal World Weird-Crazy-Perhaps Scary

Random Practice Sketches- Spring 2017

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Untitled work. Spring 2017 by Alex snow

Media- Graphite, Sharpies, Micropens, Charcoal, Colored Pencils.

Description- These are just a few practice drawings I have made within the past few months.



Psycho Psychedelic Shark

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Title: Psycho Psychedelic Shark Searching for a ‘Light’ Snack

By: Alex Snow 2017

Media: Sharpies and markers on Bristol paper

inspiration- randomness

Artwork Behind the Scenes Universal World Weird-Crazy-Perhaps Scary

School & Home- Practice & Beginning Sketches

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Various Art Pieces by Alex Snow 2016.

(Titles (not in order)- Soul Mates, 1999,, PH 2016, Untitled, Untitled)

Media: Graphite and or Micron Pens, Sharpies, and Charcoal

(Some pieces are based off of original Creepypastas (a.k.a. 1999 and Smile Dog)

Artwork Positivty and Funnies Randomness

‘A’ is for Alex

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‘A is for Alex’ by Alex Snow 2016.

Multi media art- Canvas, Sharpie, Plastic & Glass Beads, and Rubber Cement.