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  • Deadly Kiss- She Rises Again

    Deadly Kiss- She Rises Again

    I kept my eyes closed as the ominous man pulled me through what felt like being warped through swirling tunnels of time, but there was no time. Not that I could feel. I was petrified, yet secure at the same time. The man held me close to his chest as we swiftly warped through the […]

  • 7 Romantic Creepyku Shorts

    The drilling is gone. You’ve taken my pain away. Te amo mi amor. Despite the decay. Despite the suffering dear. You’re worth it to me. End of the body. Beginning of the soul fire. Everlasting love. I have ended me. She keeps the fire in me. The maggots are gone. Hatred melted me. Ripped from […]

  • Deadliest Kiss

    Deadliest Kiss

    Face down on the pavement, she thought she had nowhere to turn. Sitting in her own blood, slashed by the no life killer. The killer she thought would forever be hers. Stabbed, slashed, lonely, and misused. Tears rolled down her face as the rain washed away the blood. Am I alive or dead? the girl […]

  • Bronze Rusted Love and Release

    Bronze Rusted Love and Release

    Forgive me, for my aged rust. Forgive me, for my wavering trust. Forgive me, for my heart always revolves around us. Take me, for I am yours tonight. Hot skin on skin, burning ecstasy building up from my core, building through, and through, and through… up from my sacred root, up my spine, creating and […]

  • Dream Journal: Bridge Crossing Companion

    Dream Journal: Bridge Crossing Companion

    If I have a dream of someone who I feel close to giving me a helping hand, then what does it mean? Does it mean that we’re meant to be, that our paths have intertwined for a reason? Does it mean that maybe we serve a purpose in each other’s lives? Most importantly, what if […]

  • Purple Snow

    Purple Snow It’s a substance unlike any other. I just cannot take my eyes off of it. So harsh to the touch yet it warms my heart. Bundles of icy pearls mesmerize me.  Lavender, icy blues, sugary whites. Endless riches and goods are meaningless.  Gold and jewels are worth nothing more than lead. I’ll sacrifice […]

  • Dream Journal- Part 2: The Archangel Encounter

    (Note- due to size of dream journal entry, this will be a 3 part entry made up of 3 separate posts. This is part 2. Names and identities will remain anonymous.) The affectionate night with Cain seemed to blend and bleed itself into a dream of soft, pastel, rose-colored streams of colored water that reflected […]

  • Dream Journal- Part 1: The Romance

    (Note- due to the length of this dream journal, it is going to be a 3 part separate post journal. Each entry will be linked to one another. Names and identities will stay anonymous.) Its interesting how massive my dreams can be the later I sleep during the day. While being under the weather, I […]

  • 6 More Common Dream Motifs

    6 More Common Dream Motifs

    I have more common dream motifs that I want to share, which is just an addition to the previous post. (This might become a series depending on how many motifs continue to occur in my dreams or the dreams of those involved with The Dream Gallery or #Dreamshare). Please let me know what you think […]