Giving Up & In


I have lost the will to be anything other than me.

The weight of the mask bears too much on my fragile heart.

I’m not a terrible person; I am a person who seeks love and belonging.

I search despite the fact I feel as though I am unworthy for it.

I have grown sick of the twisted melodies flooding my mind every single night.

I no longer wish to hide from the world for it has already consumed me to a morsel of dust.

Dear mind, please let me be me for once.

I no longer wish to fight this losing battle.

Set me free from this disguise so I can finally heal from my seeping wounds.

I deserve to have a chance too…


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Catching up! Sick


Hi all! My apologies for the lack of posts over the past week or so. For all of those who know, I went back to my hometown in California for about a week. I spent time with my family, shopped, ate out, spent time with the pup, watched Channel Zero: Candle Cove, enjoyed some belated christmas festivities, and of course… drama llama fever. But, that’s not the fever I’m talking about. I got sick around Friday-Saturday ish and since then I haven’t really been able to do too much. I’ve been fighting a fever on and off and I believe I have a sinus infection (based on past experience with having them frequently as a kid + doctor’s opinion). 

I got back home on last night around 6pm. I’m feeling a bit better than I did a day or two ago, but still not feeling too hot. What can I say? Sometimes traveling and overdoing it can make you ‘As sick as a dog’. 

ANYWAY, here I am. Slowly but surely recuperating from this ailment (my god I am the absolute WORST sick person ever. I have cabin fever already!). I’ll be writing and doing more stuff based on how I’m feeling at the present moment.

And that is all! I hope you all have been having a lovely year thus far. Lots of light and love your way.


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