Long Time Coming- F*ck this Facade

Don’t put me in a cage;

Don’t fight me while I’m enraged.

Forget your politics and religion;

Its not my decision;

To become a part of your lies;

While the world around me aches, cries, and dies. 

I’m not your fucking puppet.


I won’t follow your orders;

Because I don’t live in your quarters.

You’re not me and I’m not you.

Why do I say this? Because it’s true!

This pointless facade is a waste of time!

Are you going to sit there and argue while ignoring the endless crime?

Thwart me, convince me, convert me? Forget it!

Sure, you gave it your best, I’ll admit it.

Are you having fun over there getting your high;

While children, families, and adolescents get bullied, feel fear, or give up and decide to die?

What about the families you impact, or does that really matter?

What about the world who begs for your help, but you can’t hear them under your chatter?

Can’t you see that this is all a game?

Oh you can’t? Well isn’t that a shame.

Don’t worry for those who try.

I’ll stand by you even if you bleed, limp, holler, or cry.

Despite all of the world’s bullshit;

I’ll still be here to do what I can, even if I can’t fix it.

I’m a being of love; unconditional love and light.

I will shine with all my might.

For people who hate, bully steal, or have the intention to fool;

Fuck you and your standards, you fucking tool!



Transition- Sunset

               Hello! It has definitely been a little while since I have written and made artwork in a little while. I have another update, with which I will keep it crystal clear, brief, and to the point. The past few months has been extremely rough. Truth be told, this summer has been anything but a vacation. Lots of big and unexpected change caught me by surprise. Earlier this year I struggled with work, school, and life. The stress of my mom being ill, living in a toxic environment, and fighting demons inside of me took its toll. I was so bogged down by all of the weight on my shoulders, I didn’t know what to do. I neglected my own health and well being during this process which resulted in me getting sick quite often. With much contemplation and planning I ended up moving out so I could start to take myself properly. Within the process of moving, I had lost connections with a lot of people (which in the end was truly inevitable). It was traumatic and extremely heartbreaking to lose people that were a big part of my life for so long. Despite all of this pain and heartbreak, I knew deep down I needed to let go of my past and outdated ways of thinking and living. 

         Regardless of all this big change, it was time for me to let go and move on. Now I am starting a new chapter in my life and I am happy with where I am and what I’m doing. I continue to reflect on my life and the ones who have touched my soul. I am forever grateful for every single part of my life (even the yucky stuff too). By dropping all of this weight and negativity that dragged me down, I am finally able to welcome and open myself to abundance and new opportunities. With this, I am now coming out of my cocoon so I can spread my wings and fly. I can not wait for all of the wonderful people, places, and opportunities that are coming my way. 

I am forever grateful for every little bit of my life and journey. I can not wait to see what the future has in store for me.


Colorful Affirmations 4


Despite everything that is going on around us, we really do live in a beautiful world. =)


I have many nights like these when my mind races like a time lapse of the city streets. I’m an endless river of infinite ideas and knowledge. Every moment of when this river flow goes, I find these infinite ideas and knowledge flowing out of my finger tips onto the medium of my choosing. I morph that medium into a form that shines as bright as the universe’s brightest star.

The question is, am I crazy for randomly bursting endless thoughts onto this post? Every tip-tip-tap-tap of every key I press continues to energize the ebb and flow of my life.

If being ‘crazy’, or just plain random makes a difference in the world? So be it.