Weekly Funnies- Monday Madness


The clock is ticking…

Oh my god it is coming…

Monday! Oh dear god!!!

Oh frick everyone! Look out! Monday is here!!! Gahhhh!!! XD

Eh… Monday isn’t that bad! Or is it???

Don’t sweat it! It will be just fine! I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and a fantastic week!

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Weekly Funnies- Happy Monday


Hey… why the long face!

There’s nothing wrong with Mondays, just go at your own pace!

What about some coffee and pancakes, but make sure you erase the evidence! Leave no trace.

Keep things slow and steady friend, Monday isn’t a race!

You’ve got this week in the bag friend, no matter what project you do, you’ll score yourself an ace!

Happy Monday dear friends!

Cool Text - Alex Snow 244926321921664

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10 Weirdest Comments I’ve Heard While Working

93199d71abe900e034703bf11e4dfbef                     I have learned that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world… there are some really, really strange people out there… and they are EVERYWHERE! Out of all of the places I have been, work has been the nesting ground of weird things to take place. The strange things that people say and do always puts a smile on my face no matter how good or bad of a day I’m having. Its these things that is part of makes my job worthwhile. So without further ado, here are some of the weirdest things I have heard people say at work. (I have absolutely no words to explain any of the things that have been said except for these comments really made me laugh)

  1. “Have you seen that guy, Elmo? I’m going to catch the red fucker.”
  2. “Hey, I think now would be a really good time to learn how to speak Russian.”
  3. “I hate going to the dentist, hate it. I’d rather walk through the streets naked than go to the dentist and get teeth pulled.” 
  4. “I’m Batman!”
  5. “Hey, you want to know something? Mashed potatoes, they’ve been eating it so fucking wrong!”
  6. “I don’t know, you sound like you have a Caribbean-Irish accent to me.”
  7. “I’m leaving!”
  8. “You know what I think what Termites should do? They should become CPR certified because hell it’s a matter of time before one of them chokes on a splinter from all of that wood they’re eating.”
  9. “Hey, the lunatic is out there… he walks amongst the grass…”
  10. “I’m really concerned about midfield”

I really, really hope that these made you laugh and smile as much as they did (and still do) for me. Consider it to be a bit of an uplifter in case if your week has started out a bit rocky. I hope everyone has a lovely evening.


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Weekly Funnies- Monday Madness

1d318aa8a0b49eeacf10ed89248fcccfI’ve got more important things to do than *yawn* Monday…

Like sleeping in, midday snack, more sleeping, snuggling, you know.

*yawn* I have a very uptight and busy schedule, don’t you see I’m busy? Now SCRAM MONDAY!

Hope you all have a Happy Monday everyone! 


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My Thanks to Author Tina Frisco for sending these to me: Seattle Propane at Wallingford Chevron has a person with a good sense of humor running their sign department. PART ONE

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