6d0sJcFSick as sick can be.

Sick as sin can be.

Sick as the mortician.

Sick as the reaper.

Sick as the bleeding gums.

Sick as the eyeless.

Sick as the paper thin skin.

Sick sickly as the doctors.

Sick sickly as the doctors’ masks.

Sick sickly as impending doom.

Sick as sick can be from the ungodly cold and the hellish heat. 

Sick as sin can be as the doctors prance through the grass at night.

Sick sickly like the number of bodies growing in the millions.

Sick sickly like the devilish mortician’s fancies.

Hellish as the dreams of the dead fill my eyes and flood my senses.

Hellish as bones crack, as skin melts like cheese, and as screams go hoarse. 

Hellish as the mixture of smells and sights grows more grotesque by the minute.

I’m stuck in this towering terror of pain. 

I was once a doctor… now just a number with which was written upon my back.

Written on, seared like cattle, then gutted like swine. 

I’m mixed in with the plague, like one big steaming stew. 

I have a mask that was made for me.

It was made from me.

The end is near.





05b08c082144865401a8d5e2797dcc1bBeauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Undead are ahead of us.

No one knows why they exist.

No one has the answer to pure insanity.

You shouldn’t be asking questions that you don’t what the answer to.

Make wise choices, and you’ll live.

Any mistake you make is fatal.

Skin is just an eternal flaw in all of us.

Kindness can be mistaken for malintent.

See you later my dear, hop along now….


Today I got a package.

I know it won’t end.

Just let it be over please!

I just hate these things.

My family makes pig masks.

They own pigs as well.

I have always hated pigs.

They all disgust me.

They have destroyed my garden.

They killed my dear dog.

They have taken everything.

This cult will end me.

I won’t face my heritage.

Nor that damned website.

They ask others to join them.

They have a plan see.

To make the world better.

Take down ‘false prophets’.

To debunk the ‘false rapture’.

And praise the lost one.

The framed king ‘The Lord of the Flies’.

Enough of this shit.

I know this stuff isn’t true.

I couldn’t believe.

I do not believe in cults.

I’m not religious.

Never have, never will be.

But… family is.

I just wanted out for good.

I grew up then left.

I don’t see them anymore.

Haven’t for 10 years.

That’s enough of that dammit!

I will throw the mask away.

Look at those eyes man.

Those are dark-empty sockets.

Ugh, it’s so creepy.

There is one thing to be said.

I’ve thrown it away.

But it still comes back.


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