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  • The Line

    The Line

    Did I cross the line? Break a boundary? Crack a foundation? I cannot see the damage that I have done, but I sure feel the sting of blank consequences. What line did I break to cause this agony? Please tell me what I did wrong. Please tell me what I did to deserve this. I’m […]

  • NoOne NoOne

    NoOne NoOne

    Heart as black as the midnight sky. I have forgotten who I am in the midst of death. I’ve lost my soul to the false angels and hid within the lair of the demons. I don’t want to remember what I was meant to embrace. I let my thoughts sink into the blackness of night. […]

  • It’s Not Over

    Loss doesn’t mean the end of everything. It’s only the beginning. Forget the walls we’ve built and watch them crumble. Every death leads to a new life.

  • My Prayer for the Lost Souls

    Dear lost souls who roam day and night; I’m here to guide you with my eternal light. It is time to break the chains that bound you to this plane;  It is time to return to the source from whence we came. Just know that you are not alone. The cause to suffering is something […]

  • Lost Monument

    I lost myself in the winds of thoughts and relentless change. The changes of death surround me every single day. I weep, cry, and pray for the souls who have lost their way. How will they find the light that will lead them back home? God, please help guide them to the great gardens above. […]

  • Confession #5: Fear of Death Complex

     “Let me start off by saying that I do not fear PHYSICAL death; the flatline, the last breath, the last heartbeat, the last moment of life only to be ended so suddenly like the flame from a candle blown out. I must emphasize that I don’t fear dying as well.  What impacts this is my […]

  • Catching up!

    Hello! My apologies for the lack of posts and content lately. I’ve recently been hit by one of many life’s curveballs…. right in the gut, or so it seems. It has taken it’s toll on me emotionally and physically over the past few weeks. Since then, life itself really hasn’t been easy lately, and I’ve […]

  • Soul Death Composition

    Soul Death Composition

    I have forgotten everything. Existence itself has become ever so fickle to me. What does this thing called existence mean? I can’t remember anything beyond suffering. My mind has forgotten what exists beyond the clouds. Is there anything that exists beyond the clouds in my head? I have forgotten what it was like to be […]

  • Loss Frozen Through Thoughts

    Painful thoughts throb in my mind as I drag through the days. I’m not the same person as I used to be before everything happened.  I changed after I knew I wasn’t wanted, needed, appreciated, and loved. The hoops you had me jump wore out my legs, twisted my insides, and drained my spirit. My […]

  • Dream Journal: The Dream I Wish to Forget

    Dream Journal: The Dream I Wish to Forget

    I hate this dream. I hate it with a passion. I wish I never had it. It just reminds me how much the ego and the mind can really get to you sometimes. Anyway, moving on. I cannot quite remember where this dream started. What I can remember being on a porch that sat on […]