Here are a few reasons to smile:

Smile, because you can.

Smile, because you’re alive.

Smile, because it’s contagious.

Smile, because it’s beautiful.

Smile, because it will make you feel happy.

Smile, because it will positively affect others.

Smile, because it will add years to your life.

Smile, because it takes less effort to smile rather than to frown.

Smile, because it is good for you.

Smile, because it is easy to do.

Smile, because it is free.

Smile… because there are a million more reasons to smile rather than frown.

Smile on dear friend, smile on.


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Do You Remember?


Do you remember?

Do you remember who you are?

Or just what you were?

Do you remember our journey?

Roads that never end.

Lush green trees, bright skies, soft wind, yes…

The pastel sunsets.

Great feasts, lovely people, laughs…

Bikes, cars, trains, and planes.

New people, new friends, new memories.

Our hearts filled with love.

How did the world end up like this?

Don’t lose all hope now.

Mistakes happen dear.

People come and go all the time.

Bad stuff happens too.

Death, loss, abrupt change, loneliness…

Life can be painful.

But, life can also be happy.

Don’t grow cold from it.

Don’t listen to what they say dear.

None of it is true.

Do you remember your own truth?

You are happy dear.

Do you know how gifted you are?

Will you welcome this?

Welcome the door to happiness?

Do you remember?

Do you remember who you are?

You were born as one.


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Good Merry Morning


Its the dawn of a new day on the dawn of a new year. Take the time to reflect then project onward to your new goals. Be grateful and just remember how blessed you truly are. Hold all of your loved ones within your hearts and remember that you are loved. Remember that you are never alone. It’s time to put the past behind us and welcome a whole new year. Let go of all past regrets, anger, sadness, and woes (easier said than done indeed). It’s time to start a new everyone. Happy New Year! Light and love as always.


(all credit goes to original owner(s) of featured media)