Who decided that this was a good idea: Go after Joey- DEAD END


Alright, enough is enough! I decided to go after Joey, I’m his closest friend. I knew deep in my gut that something was wrong and I had to make things right regardless of how tired I was.

“Joey! Where are you bro?! Joey!!” I yelled as I ran down the concrete path that went past the parking lot. I didn’t care how much of a racket I was making, I needed to find Joey. I paused for a moment and tried to call his parents, but all I could hear was static and a busy signal. I tried calling two or three times where the last time I called I heard a “Ha” on the line. The childlike voice spooked me and caused me to almost drop my phone. I hastily put my phone away and I made a left and ran down an arched pathway which lead to the library. The shadows that the ivy covered gave off in the moonlight looked like long gangly hands with serrated claws. I saw a person walk straight into the large wooden and stained glass library doors. “Joey?” I ran after the figure that stepped in.

Thankfully our library was open 24/7 which was excellent for anyone who needed to pull an all nighter. It was deserted when I came in. Not a single student or late night staff member in sight. “How am I going to find Joey in this massive five-story library?” I thought to myself. Each floor held rows upon rows of books, study areas, computers and copiers, small sound proof conference rooms, and some floors had a cafe area where coffee and food was sold 24/7. Everything was oddly neat. The light tan carpet was oddly clean, everything smelled like pine and lemon sceneted disinfectant. All of the tables and computer areas were spotless, and it was unnaturally quiet. The lights were slightly dimmed and lightly flickered which made it feel even weirder. “PSSTTT!! I’m over here Mike!” I heard a voice that sounded just like Joey’s and I started to feel a sense of relief.

“Joey, where are you?” I turned around and saw him standing by an elevator that sat to my right side. He seemed so off; his cheeks and eyes looked wet and puffy, like as if he was crying, but he still tried to force a smile upon his face. However, his eyes were dialated and the color on his skin other than his face seemed to be flushed. “Hey man, I’ve been worried! Are you alright?”

“Come with me Mike.” He gestured me to follow him into the elevator. For whatever reason, I felt a sinking feeling within my stomach and chest. It wasn’t over…

“Now, you’re my best friend, you know this right?” Joey asked as he put his right hand on my shoulder.

“Joey, what’s going on? Where are we going?” He looked at the button selection on the elevator as the doors slowly closed. He selected the basement option, which I thought was strange because noone was allowed to go into the basement with the exception of staff members.

“Dude, why are we going to the basement? We’re not supp-”

“I just have to show something to you real quick, trust me!”

“I do trust you but I-” The elevator door squeaked and gently slid open. It was absolutely pitch black and the only source of light was from the elevator. Joey pulled me into the dark room and held me by the neck. He had what felt like superhuman strength! I couldn’t move a single muscle; I felt paralyzed in his grasp. “Joey please, let me go.”

“No. Why should I anyway?” He said calmly and quietly, almost in a whispered tone. “We’ve literally been friends forever man. I’ve been meaning to show this to you for so long now! I haven’t showed this to anyone else because I don’t trust this with anyone else. Unfortunately, my little surprise managed to get out and I had to go get it back here. I love you Mikey, you are my bestest friend! A long lost brother I’ve never had!” He began to laugh maniacally and his grasp tightened on my neck. I felt myself being lifted off the ground as his laugh grew louder and louder.

A pair of glowing red eyes opened up in the darkness and before I could scream, everything went numb.


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Who decided that this was a good idea: Encourage Joey to tell the Story


Something about this whole thing of Joey made me feel uneasy, but I really couldn’t put a finger on what it was. So, I decided to ignore it and allow Joey to tell everyone his ‘spooky campfire tales’ despite the way I was feeling. I didn’t want to let down or upset the whole backseat, and we weren’t too far away from home so eh, why not?

“Go ahead Joey, tell us some spooky campfire stories.” I nodded with a smirk. The whole backseat abruptly cheered then went into a deep silence.

“Hey, do any of you guys have a spare flashlight on you? I want to add a bit of atmosphere to the tantalizing tale I wish to share with you all…” Joey asked as he shuffled around his seat.

“Wait, why do you need a flashlight?” I asked nervously.

“For an ambient affect.” Joey said sheepishly.

I sighed, knowing in my head that there was no point fighting this at this point. “Hang on dude, I think I might have one here in the glove compartment.” I replied as I unlatched the compartment slowly in front of me.

“Please keep your eyes on the road.” Jen told Joey in a nervous tone.

Sandra turned to Jen and began to say, “Oh will you stop it Jen? Can’t you clearly see that He knows what he’s do-” She was cut off by the sound of a massive pop and a creaking snap… then pitch blackness filled the whole car.

I remember waking up on my side against the passenger side door… oh my god my head felt like it was beaten in by a bed of nails. It just hurt so, so much… I could barely open my eyes. My upper back felt as stiff as a board and the rest of me felt like pulsating sticks of jelly. There was blood all over my face, hands, feet, and side. Despite the pain I somehow was still able to move just fine! I was able to stretch my arms and legs out so I could move around. The car door on my right was slightly jammed, but after a hard push or two it swung right open and I stumbled to my feet onto the uneven forest floor.  It appeared as though the car went off the side of the road crashed against a tree on the far right side of the front bumper. Man, that old rotting tree must have been mere inches away from crushing me to death. Thank god it fell and snapped to the left, missing the entire car rather than the right. In my initial position with my head and neck being pinned down, I couldn’t really see if any of my friends were still in the car. After hopping out of the car I went ahead and looked through the windows and saw them slowly start to come out whatever daze they were in when we hit the car… or so I thought it was them.

Something started to feel… off. One moment I saw the grey silhouettes of my friends, and then they disappeared out of thin air. It was no longer night-time… I think? It was so hard to tell what time of day or night it was because there was this thick fog that engulfed everything in its track. I could barely see anything that was in front of me. I didn’t know where I was, where my friends were, what had happened, I felt a jolt of ice and needles shoot up my spine and into my head. I was starting to hyperventilate and I could feel my pulse rapidly thumping through the temples of my head and in my arms, legs, and chest. I was absolutely petrified with fear. I couldn’t move or do anything, I felt frozen. It was just pure silence; quiet enough where I couldn’t hear my own pulse thumping in my temples.

Then that silence was broken with the most heart wrenching scream I have ever heard in my life. It sounded like Joey. Then I could hear screams all around me… they were my friends! Jen, Jeff, Nick, Sandra… all of them screaming for help, looking for each other, calling out each other’s names… my name was shortly therafter called out too, but I didn’t know where to go! I could hear all kinds of foot steps around me, the non-stop crunching of twigs and leaves… I pulled out my phone and saw it only had a minor crack in it, but it worked just fine! I don’t know if I was the luckiest or unluckiest person alive. I flipped on the flashlight app with my phone and tried to look around, but it was to no avail for it didn’t provide any kind of clarity through the fog. I realized that running around would be quite foolish of me to do for I knew I could get lost… I only had a few options floating through my head…

Call emergency services


Call out to friends to try to lure them back to the car


Start from the very beginning


Who decided that this was a good idea: Tell Joey not to tell the story


“Hey, can we change the subject?” I blurted.

“Hey, what’s the matter Mike?” Joey asked.

“Nothing. I’m just really tired and not really in the mood to hear about that kind of stuff right now.”

“Don’t be such a pussy Mike! You’re just scared of whatever Joey is bluffing about could be true!” Sandra retorted.

“Sandra!” Joey yelled out.

“What? You know its true! Come on Mike, you’re making it a bigger deal than what it needs to be.” Sandra snapped.

Jen put her hand on Sandra’s left shoulder and said, “Please don’t Sand-“

“Please don’t what?” Sandra snapped away from Jen.

“You’ve been picking on Mike all night Sandra. Now I don’t know what your problem is with Mike or with everyone else for that matter-“

Jeff looks up from his ipad to see what all the commotion is about and says,”Look, I don’t know what’s going on here, but I have a big exam coming up tomorrow and I’m trying to cram in as much studying as I can before going to bed. Can we all just chill?”

Nick, Jen, Sandra, and Jeff bicker back and forth with one another for a moment or two before Joey abruptly pulls over and stops the car. As we stop, the whole car goes silent. “Now, I don’t know what the fuck has gotten into your goddamn heads, but this is Mike’s car which he so kindly used to pick all of us up in to go out tonight. Your car, your rules Mike. That’s how I grew up. You own a car, you have your own rules whether its just you in it or we have others.” I nodded and thanked Joey for standing up for me, which only happened when I was in deep shit for whatever reason. I never got into any trouble, but I used to get bullied all the time, and so did Joey. We both stood up for one another when times got rough.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not going to share this tonight if you’re all going to make a fuss over it. There’s going to be a bonfire event for Penn State students coming up next week. I’ll share it with you then. Got it?” Everyone in the car silently nodded.

“I’m sorry.” Sandra whispered.

Joey pulled back up onto the road and started driving for a bit when suddenly something black darted under the wheels causing the car to swerve. The girls in the back of the car squealed as the car swerved to the left and came to a sudden stop. “What the hell was that all about Joey?” I said.

“I don’t know. It looked like some kind of furry animal of some sort.” Joey said out of breath.

“It kind of looked like a skunk or a racoon.” Jen murmured.

“You weren’t kidding about there being accidents involving roadkill Joey.” Nick said. Everyone except for Jen and Sandra slowly stepped out of the car, using their phones as flashlights to see. There were skid marks on the grey colored asphalt, then a few yards away there was what appeared to be what I can only describe as a small ball of black fur within a large pool of blood. I thought it was very odd for there to be such a large amount of blood for such a small animal. I was going to school to be a Vet and I have had experience with all kinds of animals in all sorts of shapes, colors, kinds, etc. Whatever could happen, did happen when I volunteered at the local shelters and vet offices for six plus years, there were plenty of roadkill and injury situations… but I have never seen anything like this before.

“What animal do you think it is?” Joey looked at me as he examined the ball of fur.

“Well, it kind of looks like a baby skunk or maybe a cat, I can’t tell at all and I don’t want to touch it or examine it. I think it’s dead. It’s side is caved in and I just can’t tell wh-” I replied.

“Is it alive?” Jen yelled from the car.

“I don’t think so Jen!” I replied.

“Come on guys! Let’s just get back in the car and go home!” Nick shouted.

“Ok hang on a second!” Joey replied. He and I got up and started to walk at the same time when a massive gurgling noise came up from right behind us. We both booked it to the car and didn’t look back. As we got in the car and locked our doors, the ball of fur puffed up into the size of a large dog and faced towards us. Three pairs of dog-like legs popped out from the ball and my god…. it grew into the most horrific thing I have ever seen. I couldn’t tell if it was a human, dog, cat, or what, but I knew it wasn’t from this earth. I told Joey to floor is and he rammed straight through the creature and sped off.

We finally made it back to the apartment complex in one piece and parked my car in the carport right next to my apartment. I myself, Joey, Nick, Jen, Sandra, and Jeff all hopped out of the car to see that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the car. There was no blood, no dirt, no dents, nothing. A chill ran down my spine at a moment I know I should have felt relief.

“Mike, I’m so, so sorry about what happened.” Joey said profusely.

I looked at him and said,”Please don’t worry about it man. I’m just glad we all got home safe.” Sandra and Jen both looked so shaken up like they could burst into tears at any moment.

“I think I’ve had more than enough for tonight. Joey, I don’t understand what the hell you were thinking going down that goddamn road last night, and I sure as hell know you know something we don’t. However, I’m going to go with Mike on this one and call it a night” Sandra said gritting her teeth in anger with tears rolling down her face.

“Come on, Let’s go home. We can deal with this shit later.” Jen told her. Nick and Jeff followed right behind them as they walked up the stairs to their units.

I looked at Joey empathetically, seeing as he had the most guilty look on his face. “I’m heading to bed Joey. Again, thank you so much for giving us a ride home. I’m pretty damn tired and am ready to go to bed. I’m sure you are too.” I turned around and walked a few yards, thinking that Joey would follow me back upstairs. “Joey are you com-” My blood ran cold as I turned around and saw that Joey was nowhere to be found. Its like as if he vanished in thin air. “Joey?” I called out again, nothing. I really began to worry at this point, especially after everything that has happened.


Call or Text Joey to make sure he is okay.


Go home and go to bed hoping you’ll see Joey tomorrow.


Start from the very beginning.


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Who decided that this was a good idea?


I’m on the road once again and it is cold, late, dark, and it is far too quiet out here’, I thought to myself as I sat in my car, listening to my best buds messing around in the back seat. All six of us (I’m Mike by the way), Joey, Jeff, Sandra, Jen, and Nick were all heading back from a good night out so we could go home and go to bed. We all live together in the same housing unit nearby our school, Penn State University.

Surprisingly, I’m not the one who’s driving tonight. Joey took the wheel because I started to feel very tired from pulling an all nighter and didn’t feel comfortable behind the wheel. He didn’t seem to have a problem with it, and normally I really don’t let others get behind the wheel of my car unless if it’s absolutely necessary.

“Hey, buddy! Just relax for a bit, there’s not a single thing you need to worry about.” Joey consoled me and put his hand on my left shoulder for a brief moment. I have always loved my friends, we’ve been such a great team since growing up. I could always depend on them if anything in my life was going awry.

“Yeah, I know. Thank you so much for driving Joey, I really do appreciate it.” I sighed.

“No problemo! You just gotta lay off some of the coffee and books and just chill with your best buds” As soon as he said that, something just felt off. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but I could feel it in my gut, and no it wasn’t from the chili-cheese fries I had earlier.

“Joey, are you sure you’re going the right way you knuckle head?” snorted Jeff.

“Yes I’m positively sure! I used to go this way all the time with my mom and dad to see my Grandad and Nana whenever we wanted to avoid busy streets and freeways. And the best part is, even though it’s a little bit more of a drive to campus compared to taking the freeway,  it’s actually the fastest way to get there than any other road in town!”

“No way! How come you never told us about this road?” Nick shouted.

“I never really thought it was important. Also, there is a history behind this old road that tends to keep some people away from it.” Joey shrugged.

“Is that why it looks so dead outside?” Jen cackled.

“Nah, it’s most likely because of poor visibility. My Dad and I used to go hunting out here all the time when I was a kid and he told me to avoid this road at all costs at night because there being a lack of visibility and critters tend to run around, thus causing accidents. Unfortunately the poor visibility has led to numerous car accidents, especially in the winter time.” Joey explained this as if he memorized it off a script, it was strange. Truthfully I really tried to suppress these feelings I got as to not weird out my friends, or myself for that matter.

“Ew!”, Jen squealed. Everyone else snickered quitely as Jen’s disgust. For as long as I have known Jen, she has always been easily startled or grossed out by very little things.

“So then what’s the old history behind the road? Or were you just bluffing?” Sandra teasted.

“Well… I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea to divulge into that right now. I mean we’re about 20 minutes away from campus, and 15 minutes away from home.” Joey sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Aw come on! That’s plenty of time to share a good ghost story with us.” Nick blurted enthusiastically blurted out.

“Are you sure?” Joey asked.

The whole backseat rumbled with ‘Hell yeah!’, ‘Let’s hear it!’, and ‘Don’t hold out on us Joey ol’ pal!’

I really started to feel anxious and did not want to hear about this at all. I love horror movies and all, but something told me that this whole thing was a bad idea… but what should I do?


Tell Joey not to tell the story


Encourage him to tell the story despite the weird feeling


Put your earbuds on and try to snooze a little bit before going home


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