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  • The Perfect Storm- Dream Journal

    The Perfect Storm- Dream Journal

    A couple weeks ago while I was in the hospital (I was inpatient for 5 days), I had some extremely vivid dreams. The one I’m about to describe is one of them. One night I dreamt that I was outside, looking up at the sky and saw a storm brewing ahead of me. I wasn’t […]

  • These Halls- Halloween Night pt. 1

    These Halls- Halloween Night pt. 1

    “Alright guys, come hither! Are you ready for some scary stories tonight?” “Were you finally going to tell us the special story you said you would tell us?” “Absolutely.” I ushered the little ones in a little pillow fort that we made in the living room. The lights were dimmed with the exceptional glow of […]

  • The Grove pt. ……

    The Grove pt. ……

    June 16th 2016- …. I hear and see the same things every day. Dark gray sky. Gray lake next to a large gray window. Everything is black, white, and gray. I have become permanently colorblind.  I’m all alone here. I hate this place. I want to go home. I miss my husband. I miss my […]

  • Comfort in the Panic Room

    This is my happy place. Hell is outside and Heaven is within these walls. Everything feels safe within my panic room. Everyone else is damned for sure. No one can escape the inevitable. Do you want to know my little secret? Its the key, the golden ticket, the pot of gold at the end of […]

  • Wooded Path: Divine Ending

    A sudden blinding flash of light ignites your senses and jolts you awake like the crack of a whip. Your body tenses then releases from a breath of fresh air that finally escapes from your lungs. “I can finally breathe again!” You think to yourself. You sit up finding yourself attached to all kinds of […]