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  • Letter To Dearest- Disasterpiece

    Here I am once again my Dearest; I am here writing to you once again great disasterpiece creator. I motherfucking hope that you are happy. Will my overall being suffice? Or does my vile nature do that. The nature you imbedded in my feet, gnarling barbed roots twisting into the mud, reaching towards the core. […]

  • Blessed Be

    Blessed be the gifted Blessed be the gifted and Blessed be the gifted and loved Blessed be the gifted and loved liars Blessed be the gifted and loved liars of Blessed be the gifted and loved liars of the Blessed be the gifted and loved liars of the blackest Blessed be the gifted and loved […]

  • 1NS@N3.jpeg.1.967


    Can’t stand me huh? Can’t get me out of your head? Can’t control me? Good. Let’s keep it this way.  The mundane grey left me feeling bored anyway. Lets add some blood to the mix and see how this goes. Can’t lock me up. Can’t put me down. Can’t resist my manipulation. Can’t…. stand… me….. […]

  • Chilled


    Cast my body; Hold me between a time flux. It’s for my own well being. Love is as precious as sharp ice. Loneliness bares the dastardly curse of the sun. Everything shines clear underneath a sheet of ice. Death cannot keep its grip on me if I’m frozen below the sheet casted around me. (all […]

  • Mitchell’s Mumblings: Only in America- Share

    Originally posted on Mitchell’s Mumblings: Only in America Only in America- Do we have opportunity to worship God freely, But our churches are empty ? Only in America- We have the right to free speech But don’t control our anger and we riot ? Only in America- We claim “all lives matter” But we… via Only […]

  • Dream Journal: The Dream I Wish to Forget

    Dream Journal: The Dream I Wish to Forget

    I hate this dream. I hate it with a passion. I wish I never had it. It just reminds me how much the ego and the mind can really get to you sometimes. Anyway, moving on. I cannot quite remember where this dream started. What I can remember being on a porch that sat on […]

  • World of Psych: Abuse

    World of Psych: Abuse

      Forget numbing all emotion; Lock the chest and swallow the key. Your mind will loop and make a commotion; I pray that expression of the melancholy from within sets me free. Forget anger, guilt, and self blame; Easier said than done, this I know. Life is not a fucking game. The heart is a […]