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  • Awestruck


    At first sight, the meaning of life transformed into a deeper meaning. My eyes took in a sight that is forever ingrained into my memory. I don’t have the words to describe the feeling except for one, awestruck. It took one look, a single moment that changed my overall being. That one single moment was […]

  • Positivity and Funnies: Holiday Memes

    We’re almost done with 2020 and boy it’s been a year for the history books. What is desperately needed now is some positivity and funnies! The holidays are finally here so you know what that means, holiday memes! Let’s get started on some holiday funnies! Ouch! I have to admit that it’s National Lampoon’s Christmas […]

  • Simple Smile

    Simple Smile

    Would you smile if you knew that it could save someone’s life? Would you smile if it could wash away someone’s pain? Would you smile if it could improve someone’s mood in seconds? Would you smile if it could change someone’s life? Would you smile if it brings happiness and joy to your own life? […]

  • Positivity and Funnies- WTF?

    Positivity and Funnies- WTF?

    Hey! Hey! Hey! What kind of fucketry is this? I’ll tell you what kind of fucketry this is… well, obviously the best kind of fucketry! Now let’s get to it. It’s kind of hard not to be docile if you can’t see beyond your own warm and cuddly fluff. Okie dokie. Fair enough. I fucking […]

  • Positivity and Funnies- Affirmations 5

    Positivity and Funnies- Affirmations 5

    Being happy doesn’t mean you have acquired your needs and desires. Nor does it mean that you have to have a person, place, or thing in your life to make it so. Being happy means that you have made the decision to hold positivity, love, gratitude in your heart, regardless of what you have.  Being […]

  • Positivity and Funnies- Outdoors Fails

    Positivity and Funnies- Outdoors Fails

    Have you ever noticed that majority of the fails you see are outdoor related? Majority of outdoor fails happen with people doing stuff outdoors, I know it! If you don’t believe me, here are a few fails to help prove that theory! Allyoop! Ten out of ten!!! This isn’t swimming man! Get it together! Hay […]

  • Positivity and Funnies: Affirmation 2

    Positivity and Funnies: Affirmation 2

     One simple thought can change your whole entire day! It’s pretty simple when you think about it Any positive thought would do.  Give it a try!  It could very well make your day. 😉

  • 15 of the Best Sensations in the World

    Everyone has their own idea of what kinds of stimuli brings on the tingles for them. Perhaps we all have similar things that cause us to get those tingles. Do any of these things cause you to get the warm fuzzies or tingles in the back of your neck and spine?: Feeling the soft tingles […]

  • Weekly Funnies- cute youngins

    If you have had or having a bad day, then you’re in the right place! Nothing cures the blues more than cute baby animals, right? Regardless, here are some lovelies that will make you want to say “D’awwwwww!!!!”. Can I has a hug? Hello there world! You better watch out, I’m coming through! I scream […]

  • The Story of the Bird Under the Shade

    The Story of the Bird Under the Shade

    The story of the bird under the shade goes something like this: The bird under the shade exists for a reason, but the bird knows not that reason. He stays underneath the tree where the cool shade resides.  Safe from all harm, protected from the weather, a perfect spot for safety and comfort. He kept […]