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  • Nameless Dreamer- In between

    A ball of blinding light from the sky shot through the nameless dreamer’s eyes. It shocked the girl for a moment, causing her to cover her face, but she felt no pain. When she opened her eyes again, her vision was permanently changed. She no longer saw things the way she saw them before. As […]

  • Nameless Dreamer- Saying Goodbye to the Old World

    “Let’s go!” Before the girl could speak, the orb swiftly picked up the girl and flung her over the endless waterfall. She looked down at the infinite bottom below her that never seemed to end. The Indigo orb catches her by her shoulders and hovers with her above one of the floating pieces of rock. […]

  • Dream Journal- Meditation Experience

    Dream Journal- Meditation Experience

    Last night before bed I decided to spend some time doing some heavy meditation. I spent a little over 30 minutes meditating with binaural beats with music. When I was meditating, I saw and felt something very very magical. At first I saw myself in the cosmos and I was gently floating into the arms of […]

  • A Saying of Faith 3

    A Saying of Faith 3

    Do small things matter? I thought they got in the way. Maybe I was wrong. Big things are made from small things. Faith is a big thing. Faith depends on smaller things. Small things do matter. They make up the big picture. Small things are good too. Have faith.

  • A Saying of Faith #2

    Both words start with ‘F’. Both words can have an impact. One is positive. The other is negative. Which do you prefer? Faith will bring the best results. Hold on to it tight. Don’t let go of your own faith. Expect miracles.

  • An Angel’s Wish

      I wish, I wish I was a fish. I could be a steak, a shish kabob, the perfect, perfect dish. There is only one reason I ever so wish to make this wish. The reason is hope. There are so many days where I find it hard to cope. I try not to say […]

  • Truth about Sensitivity

    I pick up on every single thing… Every single vibration that the universe has to offer… Every single day. Some days it makes me smile infinitely, and on others it makes me weep uncontrollably to what feels like an eternity. I feel happiness, sadness, anger, love, hate, malice, confusion, pain, sorrow, joy, fear, and everything […]

  • Soul Death Composition

    Soul Death Composition

    I have forgotten everything. Existence itself has become ever so fickle to me. What does this thing called existence mean? I can’t remember anything beyond suffering. My mind has forgotten what exists beyond the clouds. Is there anything that exists beyond the clouds in my head? I have forgotten what it was like to be […]

  • Silly but True? No, but True.

    Silly but True? No, but True.

    I know it’s not easy. You have to let go. Don’t radiate anger. Don’t radiate pure hate. Don’t radiate malice. No good comes from it all. Please don’t drain your life force. Embrace inner color. Radiate your inner light. Radiate pure love. Spread pure happiness! Dude, let that shit go man! (all credit goes to […]

  • A Hugely Gianormously Awesome Update

    A Hugely Gianormously Awesome Update

    As of right now, the smile on my face is wider than the surface of the earth. I never thought that I would get to this point with any of my personal projects. My own personality, creativity, goals, and dreams have just flourished within the past few months. I have come a long way since […]