The Bloodletting


 What brought on the rolling sea of the dead?

What makes this water so red?

Will sanity take place instead?

Well, these are all very good questions but here’s the answer:

Hell fucking no.

Without the bloodletting, there’d be nothing to show.

People by the thousands would never even know.

It wouldn’t be right to let the violence be unnoticed.

Don’t you agree with this? I certainly do!

You can’t rake bloodmuck under the carpet that sticks to the broom like freshly sliced entrails.

The bloodmuck will continue to overflow and flood civilians.

The bloodmuck is your own filth.

You created the bloodmuck during the sacred bloodletting.

Time to clean it up… good luck.



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The Artists’ Lament


The ocean of secrets is only within my own reach. 

Blood, sweat, and tears are the crucial ingredients to create the formula of the artists’ lament.

The canvas is my flesh as the paintbrush is the knife.

The artist’s lament is the color that soaks the paint brush of an unearthly color.

I am numb to the touch of anything beyond my own understanding.

I never thought that the truth would hurt like this.

Why must the artistic ones suffer the most to create the perfect picture?

Please cut the canvas open so I may sleep without the weight of lies tearing me apart.

Set me free.


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Squeaky Squishy Squidge


Squeaky squishy squidge.

That is what I named the thing.

What is it’s gender?

I don’t know what this thing is.

It’s covered in blood.

Are those hands, thumbs, fingers, limbs?

It won’t stop squeaking.

I can’t stop looking at it.

The squidge is just so cute!

I don’t know where it came from.

It glows green and blue.

I found this in my front yard.

This thing is so small.

Why is it covered in blood?

What do I do now?

I can’t stop looking at it.

Beady little eyes…

Where is my wife and two dogs?

Look at those eyes… ah…

Hrm… feet.


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Cupcakes without a Face

Food without a face.

Isn’t that what we eat now?

Food without a face?

We don’t know where it comes from.

Or who it comes from.

We like to believe we do.

But, we really don’t.

I have one question for you.

Where did your first meal come from?

It’s not from thin air.

Do you see the bones in that?

Or the hair and teeth?

Is that food coloring there?

I don’t think so friend.

extraordinary cupcake!

It tastes delicious.


‘Til Death Do Us Part?

I am a liar.

So I agreed to the statement of ‘Death do us part’ at the altar.

But you see my dear, that was all a lie.

I wanted to spend an eternity with you my dear Ivory.

I knew that from the moment our eyes met.

Your ivy green eyes looking into my hazelnut eyes.

Moments felt like centuries standing there in that grocery store.

I was so lucky to find that you were recently hired in to work in the same building I work in.

Building, design, construction, and Architecture.

It only took two weeks for us to decide that we were a couple.

We had endless nights of deeply passionate lovemaking…. I just couldn’t get enough of her silky smooth skin, auburn colored hair, and those ivy green eyes.

We did it all. Movies, romantic dinners, coffee with breakfast before work, shopping (even though I hated it, we still had good times), road trips, and of course hours upon hours of passionate kissing and lovemaking.

You chose me. To this day I’m not sure why. I’m just that average tall and thin privileged white male in a first world society. Dark hair, brown eyes, and just an average joe appearance I guess.

Anyway, 4 months later, we decided to get engaged. One year after that, we were finally married. It was our special day. A wedding by the gazebos in front of our favorite park, clear blue sky, jade green grass, and the peaceful sound of birds chirping. Our families, friends, and co-workers were happy. We were happy.

Were, being the word.

I never thought that a disease like this could ever exist.

A disease you’d only see in a zombie flick or some shit like that. The first thing that came to my mind was some sort of kockamame government experiment gone wrong.

Or perhaps a parasite lying dormant in the darkness that finally found a way out.

I wish my guess was wrong, but it wasn’t.

It got us tonight.

It got everyone.

Everything just happened so fast.

As we pulled up to our driveway earlier this evening, we noticed something moving in our bushes towards the edge of the fence.

I couldn’t tell if it was a dog or what. All I could see was blood on the grass and bits and pieces of what looked to be clothes or skin.

We were both shaken up by the broadcasts on the radio that urged us to get inside.

I assured Ivy that it was ok and to stay in the car.

She refused to do so and followed right behind me as I pulled a crowbar and heavy-duty flashlight, amongst of my many tools from the back seat.

We slowly approached the bush only to find nothing there, when a massive shriek that sounded like a cat came from behind us and saw a very vile humanoid looking creature pull my wife to the ground.

I whipped myself around, ripped the creature’s teeth from Ivory’s arm and smashed its face in with the crowbar.

I couldn’t really see what the creature was until I got closer to it. It looked like a partially shaved cat of some sort in the form of a human. What I mean by that is, it was like as if it was an undead being, but with some cat-like features like cat-like teeth and claws. It smelled like a decaying piece of roadkill too. I really can’t explain it myself.

My mind snapped back towards Ivory and pulled her up from the ground. She was screaming in pain as the teeth marks on her arm started to pour out blood. I ran back inside with her and carried her into the bathroom. I put her in the tub and pulled out the first aid kit.

She cried and held her arm in pain, but managed to speak clearly with me despite the pain.

I began to clean the wound and bandage her up. As I was doing it a grim look had grown upon her face. The blood soaked through the bandages no matter how many times I layered them. The color had drained from her face and hands and her veins became visible.

All she simply said was, ‘I love you’.

I told her not to say that and that she would make it.

She gently cupped my face with her hands as I anxiously tried to get the bleeding to stop.

She told me it was ok, but I refused to listen. She told me I knew what to do, but I denied the inevitable.

As 10 minutes go by, my once lively and lovely Ivory lost the will to fight.

I paced around the beige colored bathroom panicking about what to do.

Don’t ask me how, but for some reason I somehow knew she would come back as one of those things and as soon as she would, we would both be dead.

I didn’t want to die, not yet.

But, I wanted to continue our vows beyond the world of the living.

It is too soon for both of us to die like this.

I took a cheap razor from the drawer below the sink and hastily slit both of my wrists open. I ripped off some of the bandages and covered my arms in her precious blood.

I even started to physically lick her wounds and consume her blood and… and it was just so… good.

I carried her lifeless body into the bedroom and placed her gently on the bed.

I swear to God I’m not a necrophiliac or a crazy person, but I had an idea.

I somehow thought that if I could experience that kind of love one more time, then maybe God or some sort of supernatural force would bring her back.

Praying to god, kissing her all over; hoping that it could manifest some magic, sweetly talking to her in her ear, then finally out of frustration, shaking her didn’t do a single thing.

I ripped more the bandages off in frustration and screamed as I was on top of her precious body.

Then I started to feel ‘off’…

It was like as if I wasn’t me anymore and that something else was taking over.

My chest began to tighten up and I felt everything spinning around me.

I began to slowly lose feeling in my arms and legs. I had realized I was starting to fade away into the abyss called death.

A massive smile started to grow on my face that stretched ear to ear. I couldn’t help myself, but I laughed. Laughed, laughed, laughed and laughed. Lau-hed.

Everything went f-fuzzy as I got off of Ivory and sat beside her. I saw her I-I-I-Ivy gggreen e-eyes open and she slowly saat right bbbbbak upp.

Everything is n-now start-ing t-t-o ggggo black.

N-now I knnerow th-that I-I-I’m commming back.

B-ack to my I-ry.

I -ov uuuuu…


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Dammit, man I knew it was a mistake.

But I just couldn’t help myself.

Dammit, man I knew it was a mistake.

But my taste for lust and desire…

Dammit, man I knew it was a mistake.

I craved your blood all night…

Dammit, man I knew it was a mistake.

Your fine skin, dark hair, blue eyes, and gentle touch…

Dammit, man I knew it was a mistake.

A sexy flip of the wrist which led us into the bedroom.

Dammit, man I knew it was a mistake.

I saw you everywhere, work, on the streets, growing up…

Dammit, man I knew it was a mistake.

That night made me remember…

Dammit, man I knew it was a mistake.

How long I have craved you for…

Dammit, man I knew it was a mistake.

Within that moment you jumped into my grasp…

Dammit, man I knew it was a mistake.


But, god dammit man I knew it was a mistake.

The smell of fresh crimson, my blade in your chest, indulging in your sweet embrace.

God fucking dammit, I knew it was a mistake.

Short shrieks turning into silence aroused me ever so much…

But, dammit I knew it was a mistake.

But you brought it on to me.

Dammit, man I knew it was a mistake.

Now that I look back on it…

It wasn’t a mistake.

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