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  • Chilled


    Cast my body; Hold me between a time flux. It’s for my own well being. Love is as precious as sharp ice. Loneliness bares the dastardly curse of the sun. Everything shines clear underneath a sheet of ice. Death cannot keep its grip on me if I’m frozen below the sheet casted around me. (all […]

  • Mitchell’s Mumblings: Only in America- Share

    Originally posted on Mitchell’s Mumblings: Only in America Only in America- Do we have opportunity to worship God freely, But our churches are empty ? Only in America- We have the right to free speech But don’t control our anger and we riot ? Only in America- We claim “all lives matter” But we… via Only […]

  • Welcome to The Asylum

    Welcome to the Asylum Everyone who is lacking sanity resides here. Look at everything we have to offer! Come on in and have a seat dear one. Objections? Maybe you’d like some tea with honey or coffee? Everything here is free to an extent… Today you are out special guest you see. Obviously since you’re […]

  • Wish

    Count to three, make a wish, and then say; “I wish, I wish I was a fish!” Or maybe express this thought for today; “Maybe someday I can grant someone’s wish.” Just know that this statement is the truth; “I can be anything and anyone I want to be.” To wish for good luck you […]

  • Twilight Eyes

    Twilight Eyes

    I can see the skies right in between my eyes. I cannot lie, its so beautiful that I could cry. I thank the universe for this gift because it has led to an eternal shift. Feeling so free is indeed the key. Its all I ever could be, which is me.  (all credit belongs to […]

  • Colorful Affirmations 6

    Colorful Affirmations 6

    The number one thing to do if you’re not sure about something is this- look within. Always follow YOUR intuition. Don’t let others dictate what you ‘should’ or ‘should not’ do. It’s your life, live it! Love it! Enjoy it! Embrace it! Life is awesome. Don’t let others keep you from success (especially your head). […]