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  • Halloween Memes!! 🎃👻

    Halloween Memes!! 🎃👻

    I don’t care if it’s the apocalypse! I’m putting up Halloween decorations. I hope you enjoyed these memes!

  • Positivity and Funnies- Fall is ‘Where it’s at’

    Positivity and Funnies- Fall is ‘Where it’s at’

    Oh god… it’s here… it’s FINALLY here!!! It’s Autumn!! Who’s ready for some Fall Funnies??? Here we go! Sing it everybody! 1, 2, 3, 4! That’s right! I’m the cutest drink that you’ll ever find! (And, I’m also limited edition) Pug: “I disagree with Mr. Spiky latte there. PUG-in spice lattes are the best of […]

  • Ha-ha-ha-ha-happy Halloween

    Ha-ha-ha-ha-happy Halloween

    How can you not celebrate this day? All it takes is a wide smile and an open heart. Love tricks, pranks, spooks, and scares? No problem. Love treats, tales, sweets, and dressing up? No problem. Open for all, open for fall. We horror junkies find that everyday surrounds this holiday. Everyone should enjoy this day, […]

  • Weekly Funnies- Fall Fashionistas!!!

    Weekly Funnies- Fall Fashionistas!!!

             Ahhhh, can you feel it? The gentle autumn breeze that has that cold crispness that you can feel in your nostrils and lungs. Fresh, rejuvenated, free… How about the sweet smell of Pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, or perhaps fresh pine? Can you see the cute fall apparel lining the shelves that […]

  • Transitions- Autumn

    Transitions- Autumn

    As we leave behind Spring and Summer; The sweet scent of something anew fills my nostrils.  What is it? What is this new scent? Rainfall, gentle chill of the wind, richly scented soft amber leaves; I can recognize that smell anywhere! It’s not just a sensation that blows my olfactory senses ablaze; It’s the early […]