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  • Three Years on WordPress!!!

    Three Years on WordPress!!!

    ASnowpasta Chronicles turns 3 today!!!! My, my where did the time go? I never thought that in a million years I would be this dedicated to anything like this in my life. I have poured so much time and energy into this site and it never gets old. And yet, the truth is this is […]

  • Positivity and Funnies- Affirmations 7

    Positivity and Funnies- Affirmations 7

    Pain is temporary, love is forever. It might seem long lasting, but in reality it will come to an end. There is a always silver lining beyond the storms’ clouds. That lining will always lead to an everlasting rainbow. However, without the storm there would be no rainbow. Embrace the storm as much as you […]

  • Positivity and Funnies- Affirmation 4

    Whenever you have a goal in mind, just ‘stick’ to it! =D When you think about it, it’s a pretty creative way to look at how to achieve your goals! Hang in there dear beautiful souls! Success is within our grasp. ❤

  • 15 of the Best Sensations in the World

    Everyone has their own idea of what kinds of stimuli brings on the tingles for them. Perhaps we all have similar things that cause us to get those tingles. Do any of these things cause you to get the warm fuzzies or tingles in the back of your neck and spine?: Feeling the soft tingles […]

  • Grave Dancer (Companion)

    Many moons ago, a young woman and her pet wandered on the path of lost and found. Lost souls wandered on these paths during troubled times, hoping to find the answers they are looking for. These passerbys would see the woman and her pet together hand and hand. However, every passerby noticed something off about […]

  • My Prayer for the Lost Souls

    Dear lost souls who roam day and night; I’m here to guide you with my eternal light. It is time to break the chains that bound you to this plane;  It is time to return to the source from whence we came. Just know that you are not alone. The cause to suffering is something […]

  • Lost Monument

    I lost myself in the winds of thoughts and relentless change. The changes of death surround me every single day. I weep, cry, and pray for the souls who have lost their way. How will they find the light that will lead them back home? God, please help guide them to the great gardens above. […]

  • The Spirit in Blue

    The Spirit in Blue

    I have lost track of all the days I have wandered aimlessly, eyes drained of tears and body depleted of energy. My heart tells me to keep going, but my mind tells me to back down, give up. The dreams of the fallen have shattered in front of my eyes. Like their dreams, my heart […]

  • A Saying of Faith 3

    A Saying of Faith 3

    Do small things matter? I thought they got in the way. Maybe I was wrong. Big things are made from small things. Faith is a big thing. Faith depends on smaller things. Small things do matter. They make up the big picture. Small things are good too. Have faith.

  • A Saying of Faith #2

    Both words start with ‘F’. Both words can have an impact. One is positive. The other is negative. Which do you prefer? Faith will bring the best results. Hold on to it tight. Don’t let go of your own faith. Expect miracles.