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  • Nameless Dreamer- Saying Goodbye to the Old World

    “Let’s go!” Before the girl could speak, the orb swiftly picked up the girl and flung her over the endless waterfall. She looked down at the infinite bottom below her that never seemed to end. The Indigo orb catches her by her shoulders and hovers with her above one of the floating pieces of rock. […]

  • Nameless Dreamer- An Awakening

    Nameless Dreamer- An Awakening

    With the gentle twist of the key, the door began to slowly open towards her. She backed up a couple steps and looked through the door. The orb landed on her right shoulder and nuzzled up against the girl’s neck. Once again the sensation of warm tingles that she felt before came back. A sky […]

  • The Spirit in Blue- Transition and Transformation

    A colossal wave of cosmic light engulfed my whole being. The world that I barely even knew transformed into something that not even my wildest of dreams could manifest. I don’t know begin to describe how I felt as the light swallowed me whole… thousands of words kept popping up in my mind, and neither […]

  • Blood is a Myth

    Blood is a Myth

    Blood lines cannot say,”I love you” to those you love. Love doesn’t come from shared Chromosomes. Only the light between our souls does. Only a few can recognize how important this really is. Did you know that Blood if a Myth? Love comes from the light in our souls. It’s always been there, you just […]

  • The Artists’ Lament

    The Artists’ Lament

    The ocean of secrets is only within my own reach.  Blood, sweat, and tears are the crucial ingredients to create the formula of the artists’ lament. The canvas is my flesh as the paintbrush is the knife. The artist’s lament is the color that soaks the paint brush of an unearthly color. I am numb […]