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  • Confession #4

    “I have had many days where I don’t want to do anything but to eat and sleep. These days of not wanting to get out of bed only occurs in patterns. It wasn’t always like this though, I used to feel like I couldn’t get out of bed nearly 24/7. I am proud to say […]

  • Soul Death Composition

    Soul Death Composition

    I have forgotten everything. Existence itself has become ever so fickle to me. What does this thing called existence mean? I can’t remember anything beyond suffering. My mind has forgotten what exists beyond the clouds. Is there anything that exists beyond the clouds in my head? I have forgotten what it was like to be […]

  • Sick from the Wasted Mind

    Sick from the Wasted Mind

    Here I sit at the edge of the Archangel of Death’s domain once again. Dammit I really just couldn’t help myself this time.  Smoke it, snort it, drink it, shoot it, consume it, fuck it, abuse it, feel it…. I hit up whatever makes me feel high in the sky despite the cost. How can a […]

  • 15 Things You Can Do Instead of Self-Harm

    15 Things You Can Do Instead of Self-Harm

    There truly is always something to live for, believe it or not. Life has so many beautiful quirks and meaningful things to cherish for years to come. Instead of causing yourself unnecessary harm, you can: Take a bite of chocolate (yum) Soak in a hot, bubbly, mineral bath Light a candle Watch a scary movie Share […]

  • Learning How to Love Yourself

    Learning How to Love Yourself

              Learning to be comfortable within our own skin is a challenge that a good majority of people will experience during the course of their lives. I myself and many other people that I know are still learning this important skill. However, in 2016 and years passed, there is still one […]

  • Being Mindful

    Being Mindful

    It is simple: treat others the way you want to be treated. Right? Why make it more complicated than it actually is? Why is there a need to be nasty and hateful towards others? THERE ISN’T  I’ve had more than my fair share of bullying at work, school, on the internet, etc. The truth is: […]

  • 10 Anti-self harm Go To’s

    10 Anti-self harm Go To’s

           We all struggle. That is a part of life. Whether it be with the monotonous day-to-day stuff like school, work, relationships, friends, family, or other things in life (i.e. bullying, peer pressure, tension between others, health based issues, etc) can be bumpy and can leave you imbalanced. Some may feel as though […]