Creature Feature: A Win for Wildlife

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A win for wildlife can mean so many things…

A win for wildlife is a defenseless critter that gets a second chance.

A win for wildlife is nursing a sick or hurt animal back to health.

A win for wildlife can save an animal from sure death.

A win for wildlife is ending the suffering for animals who can’t go on.

A win for wildlife is bringing an animal back to the wild, ready to live another to day.

A win for wildlife is educating others about the world around us.

A win for wildlife is encouraging others to help.

A win for wildlife is providing the proper care for animals that need help.

A win for wildlife is healing our planet one day at a time.

Please help support organizations like Wildlife Aid or Ocearch 


If a Shark Could Talk


I can’t really understand humans or your human speak.

This kind of life from time to time slowly but surely is killing me.

Sought out for soup, trophies, or big game is the potential reality of us all.

I don’t hunt for kicks, but only to survive and live another day.

For those who are afraid of us, why are you?

Like any other species we make mistakes.

But we are not cold blooded killers.

We don’t seek out people to cause pain and misery.

Humans taste like paper, I don’t like paper.

We aren’t just plain eating machines either.

We do not just eat, sleep, mate, make more sharks, then repeat.

We play a part in this ecosystem of ours. 

One of the many reasons we have lasted so long is because we were meant to.

I feel pain just like how you feel pain.

I know so much more than you could ever know.

I’m part of this world just like you’re a part of it too.

This is OUR world. 

Remember that.

I thank the ones who have helped me and the others.

Because of you we can live another day and not cower in fear. 

Thank you for keeping balance in our world to make it a better place. 

Thank you.

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Good Causes: Wildlife Aid Foundation

Wildlife Aid Foundation is an excellent organization that focuses on the welfare of non-domesticated animals in southern England. Their goal is to help protect and preserve the wildlife that resides in England, take the reports from others who find cases of wildlife in trouble, learn more on how they can help continue to save animals, and educate others on the importance of wildlife and our ecosystem. The foundation was created by Simon Cowell in the 1980’s and is still going strong today. Today, He and his team work together to help create that balance in England’s ecosystem. To help support their cause or find out more information, you can check out the site at any point in time. They are always looking for people to help fundraise, volunteer, sponsor, and find ways to get involved in any way possible. 


(all credit goes to original owner(s) of featured media)