What am I?


What am I to you?

Label or passion? Label or contraption? Labeled or faced with dissatisfaction?

Am I a lover of the rain; or a Pluviophite?

Am I a lover of the storming skies; or a Ceraunophiliac?

Am I a lover of darkness; or a Nyctophiliac?

What do you see? What do you fear? What do you know? What labels suit you? 

Are titles as safe as the blanket that keeps you warm in bed?

Do categorization make you feel invincible from all evils and bullet proof?

Do pre-made cookies for society make the world go round in your eyes?

Well, I wish you the best of luck in life.

Only a few can go back from the mindset from their pasts to find the truth in the future. 


Letter To Dearest- Disasterpiece


Here I am once again my Dearest;

I am here writing to you once again great disasterpiece creator.

I motherfucking hope that you are happy.

Will my overall being suffice? Or does my vile nature do that.

The nature you imbedded in my feet, gnarling barbed roots twisting into the mud, reaching towards the core.

Bounded to the love you gave me to use… I can still feel it pumping in my veins. 

The fibers of my veins erode away from its acidic effects.

It seeps into my skin and reflects outwards into my aura.

My insides burn infinitely from the blinded rage within.

All that exists has gouged out eyes and drilled through eardrums. 

The walking blind, the crawling deaf, the flying dead, the jaded ones.

Why did you create me dearest? For what purpose? I refuse to believe what it could be.

I’ve heard this all before and before and before that and before them.

Before they came, before they appeared, before they spoke, before they listened.

Before it all began. Before my existence. Before all.

Hell is real. She laughs at our expense. She is aroused by our sorrows.

She’s not a devil, nor a demon, nor a being. She’s in your head. 

Hell exists within our minds alone. Her entity exists in our minds.

The Divine Exists too… he watches me, he follows me, he guides me.

Blinding, morphing, creating, changing…

She smiles in my presence… The Divine smiles in my presence…

What the fuck do you want from me?

You won’t singe me, nor save me.

But now it’s just me… who else?

With me… no one other than my ‘divine’ presence. 

I’m no savior, no saint, no prophet, no healer… nothing.

I am the disasterpiece.

I am your disasterpiece.

You’re welcome.


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured image)

Eros and Thanatos

Born from the heavens of light above.     B     Born from the sinking blackness below.

Thriving off of life, love, and unity.       E    Thriving off of death, destruction, and hate.

I create and uplift all.      W          I destroy and kill all.

I illuminate the sun’s vibes with love.    A       I fill the void with blackness.

I grow, build, and create for all.      R       I drain, annihilate, and induce pain unto others.

I’m beautifully benevolent angel of light.      E    I’m malevolent vile parasite of death.

I will always continue to be inspired.       O       I will always continue to be disgusted.

Love is the answer to all problems.      F     Hatred leads to all of the solutions I need.

I am made with infinite love.        T             I was created with endless hatred.

Open your eyes and listen closely.   H   Shut your eyes and block out all fallacies.

What in the world are you doing?        E              What in the world are you doing?

How could you live like this?         P              How could you live like this?

How did you get to be this way?         O            How did you get to be this way?

Don’t hate, kill, and destroy others.    W     Don’t give love to people who don’t love you.

What you’re doing is hurting people.      E        What you’re doing is harmful for yourself.

Please end this insufferable pain.         R            Please end this pathetic ingenuity. 

This is who I am.                    This is who I am.

I am Eros.                       I am Thanatos.