Dream Journal: Boxer Rescue & Birthday Cake Conundrum

35fb9923e524a387f6112dac38c2112a   Last night I had a very light and heartwarming dream, one which I hope is a good sign. I can simply recall that I was living what felt was an ordinary day. However, this place was not ordinary. It reminded me of Portland Oregon, or perhaps Seattle, Northern California, etc. The grass and greenery around us had bursting jade and emerald all around us. The sky was clouded with puffs of grey and white. It felt as though it could rain at any moment because the air was slightly moist. my surroundings weren’t very busy and the houses looked very simple, average size, and were designed with neutral colors and lightly shaded foundations. I recall walking out of what looked to be my home out onto the grey sidewalk going on my way. I could recall hearing barking outside and found a boxer puppy hanging around the front of my house. The puppy reminded me of Zuzu when she was little. I picked up the puppy as I walked down the street under an oak tree. I saw someone coming down onto their wooden porch turning the light on to see what was going on. I had initially asked if they knew who the dog belonged too. They said yes and told me they were going to tell the person who lost the puppy that we found her. I said thank you as I stood there, waiting for someone to come to pick up the puppy. I wanted to keep him so badly, and I swear there was a moment where the dog could talk. She sounded like a small child and gently asked if she could stay with me, or if I could come stay with her mom. I told the puppy I couldn’t because I wasn’t allowed to keep her and that I had to go to work and she had to go back with her mom. The puppy fussed and was reluctant to the idea of going back. I started to walk towards the edge of the street to see if anyone was going to come. A few people walked by,barely noticing me, then all of a sudden, the owner who kind of looked like my mom and one of my co-workers combined came. 

hkitc111_after-yellow-kitchen-cabinets-close_4x3-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-616-462                 After this point, things started to move quickly. The owner thanked me, shook my hand, then offered for me to come in and have some tea for a little while. I followed her to her home with the puppy’s delight and immediately walked into the garage of her home. The lady’s home looked a lot like my childhood home. As soon as I walked in, all of our surroundings started to morph into this underground tunnel where a monster that looked like the Weeping Bat from Silent Hill Downpour. It was an absolutely nightmare seeing the woman running away from the monster and trying to protect the puppy. The monster wanted nothing to do with me unless if I got in the way. So I stood back. While this was going on, I fluxed between here and another dimension that had an outdoor, 2 story industrial kitchen attached to the side of a building. The kitchen had no door except for one open wall, and it was a very narrow room with stainless steel appliances. I could see one of my bosses, which I’ll name AL for now moving around in there and cooking. He asked me to come in and wondered how I was doing. AL also asked if I could work while he was gone. I told him I couldn’t because I had to take care of the puppy and try to help the owner. He said it was fine and that he’d help me as soon as he gets a second. I could not tell at all what he was doing or cooking for it looked as though he cooked and used a dish washer at the same time. I asked him what he was doing and why the kitchen had two stories. AL told me that he wanted to be in his kitchen and that its like his home, then he started to trail off and went upstairs, then back down then walked off. 

1ee134e30c4a48d78bd7bc62979dff5dOddly as AL walked off I went into the kitchen with birthday cake ingredients while trying to help the puppy. She seemed worried that her owner didn’t want her anymore. In between that we fluxed back with the woman walking out of her garage back onto the street I was at during the beginning of the dream. A few people, including one of my co-workers was with me, asking if I was ok. The puppy got excited to see her flustered neighbor. Out of no where, the owner exclaimed that she couldn’t take care of the puppy and couldn’t take it anymore. She stiffly walked off and waved the puppy away as she tried to run up to her. Shortly thereafter, the puppy came running to me joyfully and everyone around me cheered. I smiled and laughed as I scooped her up into my arms. I told the puppy that I had to quickly go back to the kitchen to finish the cake. She nodded and ran behind me as I showed up with the portions of the magnificently colorful cake manifesting into my hands. One of the co-workers showed up again in the same kitchen around the stairs. AL looked at me all confused and asked me what I was doing. I told him I had to make a birthday cake and he gave me an astonished look. I can not remember if anything else happened after that for I woke up not too long after.

Dream Journal: Trippy Nightmare shorts

I generally do not write about my nightmares. My dreams tend to be extremely colorful, vivid, and often lucid. So if its a nightmare or a trippy dream, it hits me hard. However, despite this, maybe its possible that maybe they have some valuable meaning to them. Are they omens? Results of daily stress and anxiety? Biochemical imbalances? Spiritual fluxes? Or last night’s dinner? They could very well be a combo of everything, but who knows. Anyway, here are some brief entries of nightmares I have had in the past (or at least the ones I can currently remember).

underground2Buried 6 ft under: When I was about 15-16, I recall laying in my bed staring up at the ceiling. I was jolted awake (or thought was awake) by this shadowy figure. My room and bed turned into a closed coffin being underground. I tried to push at the door trying to get out, but it wouldn’t budge. I could smell the damp earth around me and my chest started to tighten up. I felt like I was suffocating and I grabbed at my throat for some odd reason. I heard some noise above me, but could not tell what it was. Then shortly thereafter, I was jolted awake and everything seemed normal, except there was this heaviness that I could feel all around me. 

sniffer_dogThe mutated dog: I’m going to say right now, without a doubt that I did not help the situation in regards to this dream. I was 13 years old and my family had to put down our 13 year old boxer due to old age and health complications. When I was in Jr High, that’s when I really started getting into Stephen King and Dean Koontz books. (To the one who is reading this I’m sure you can see where this is going if you fancy horror anything). I started to get into Pet Sematary around the same time my dog was put down (I do not recall whether it was before my dog passed, but I want to say it might have been before). One night, I remember having a dream where I woke up in a field with tall straw colored grass with massive dark colored hills and greenery all over the place. It was kind of like the fields you’d see if you were in California, but more inland. The sky was a mixture of warm, watercolor hues and it was a nice day. But, it felt off. Like that off feeling when you take a bite of something like candy that you’d think would be sweet, but is actually sour. I recall seeing my dog and a few other kids running around the trees and into this tall field of corn. I tried to sprint after them, barely being able to keep up. The sky started to turn this really nasty cloudy lemon color and the earth below us started to dry out and crack. I saw my dog run next to a tree only to fall and collapse between a few big roots at the base. The other kids started to panic and ran off in different directions. And… I heard my dog calling my name, telling me that she was dying. I did not know what to do. Then she disappeared into a small clearing of dried earth in the middle of a field of grass which looked brownish-grey. She came back from the earth and did not look right. She was gangly, had disproportionate limbs, eyes of an insect, scruffy ears, disheveled patches of fur and skin. She started to levitate from the ground and I ran. Everything turned dark and then I woke up. I have not touched the book since then. 



Highschool Stadium Violence: I can not exactly recall when I had this particular dream. I know that it had to be when I was out of high school for a little while. I’m pretty sure this was a little bit after I broke up with my high school boyfriend (he was a jealous asshole, mind you). I used to run track in high school, so every once in a while I have stadium based dreams. In this one I was at the stadium at my high school (which really did not look like the one at my highschool for this one was bigger and the colors were different), getting ready to watch a game, meet, or whatever was going on. I was with a few friends, some of them being guys, a few of them being girls, and my ex appears. At first he seemed ok, happy to see me. But then as soon as he saw a few of my friends, he flipped a switch. I tried to distance myself from him and ran up the higher stairs. I could recall my friends dispersing. He at one point catches up to me and pulls out a gun, which he did not point at me, but held it at his side. I recall trying to take it from him, and it went off. I could feel the kick of the gun and the sound echo in my mind as I was jolted awake. 


Cardboard boxes: This was my most recent nightmare. Heaven forbid that I have anything like it again. It just proves that I’m at work way too much. Yes, I’ve had dreams about unloading boxes, shelves, stuffing, storage warehouses, you name it. However… this dream had to do with me taking boxes from a truck, cutting them open, removing the stuffing from them, then tossing them aside. I could see one of my co-workers faintly in the background as the boxes started to come closer to my face. They got so close to my face where it startled me awake. That I think was one of the strangest dreams I have ever had. 


Dreams Update

   Good evening! My apologies for the lack of #Dreamshare and #Dreamgallery based posts. Since moving I was on a little bit of a time crunch until just now. School and work have been nutty! Finally things are starting to slow down a little bit and I am finally able to step back and breathe. I WILL have content in regards to dreams and meditation experiences soon. I’m just now catching up with my current projects, including this one. I’m hoping to have posts in regards to vision quest experiences as well as dreams and meditation experiences. For those who read my posts and follow me, thank you for your patience. ❤

Colorful Affirmations 4


Despite everything that is going on around us, we really do live in a beautiful world. =)

Dream Journal: Bag and Teeth dream

how-to-choose-a-fridge-tips-2          I dreamt last night that I had a plastic bag of raw meat in the refrigerator. The bag had expanded full of gas; I opened the bag to release the gas, which stank of putrifying flesh. I resealed the bag and placed back in the refrigerator, only to witness the bag expanding again. I closed the door and thought to myself I must cook the meat tomorrow. Following this I dreamt 2 of my bottom front teeth just fell out in my next dream. I think I know what this all means but I would be interested to hear what others think?