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  • The Perfect Storm- Dream Journal

    The Perfect Storm- Dream Journal

    A couple weeks ago while I was in the hospital (I was inpatient for 5 days), I had some extremely vivid dreams. The one I’m about to describe is one of them. One night I dreamt that I was outside, looking up at the sky and saw a storm brewing ahead of me. I wasn’t […]

  • Sleep is the best

    The Dalai Lama couldn’t have said it any better. Our dreams are an open door to a whole new world that we never knew was there. Sweet dreams everyone. 

  • Dream Journal: Bridge Crossing Companion

    Dream Journal: Bridge Crossing Companion

    If I have a dream of someone who I feel close to giving me a helping hand, then what does it mean? Does it mean that we’re meant to be, that our paths have intertwined for a reason? Does it mean that maybe we serve a purpose in each other’s lives? Most importantly, what if […]

  • Dream Journal: Werewolves and School Lessons in a Cemetery

    Dream Journal: Werewolves and School Lessons in a Cemetery

    Bare with me when I say that this dream is extremely difficult to describe. It’s even more difficult for me to describe how I feel in regards to this oddball dream. There’s nothing more to it than that. So, the dream starts off with what seems to be entering different locations, almost like entering different […]

  • Dream Journal- Part 3: Odd Metropolis

    (Note- due to the size of this Dream Journal post, the journal entry is split up into 3 different posts. This is part 3. Names and identities remain anonymous) Between part 2-3 of my dream, I had a short segment where I had to go get something from my parent’s house in my hometown. I […]

  • Dream Journal- Part 2: The Archangel Encounter

    (Note- due to size of dream journal entry, this will be a 3 part entry made up of 3 separate posts. This is part 2. Names and identities will remain anonymous.) The affectionate night with Cain seemed to blend and bleed itself into a dream of soft, pastel, rose-colored streams of colored water that reflected […]

  • Dream Journal: Inner Child Dream

    Dream Journal: Inner Child Dream

            Last night, I had a very weird dream, which was in some ways positive. The beginning was a little fuzzy with me somehow being in some type of vortex in time, ending up in a store (which was like Target, Sears, Macy’s Khol’s, Walmart, some mix of all of the above). There […]