A Disclaimer: The Finger Club


For those who are part of the Finger Club, this is a pretty standard procedure right?

All part of the daily routine, right?

I get it… bad day, nasty people, stupid people on the road, ran late to work or school, bad weather… you name it.

We all have those days.

But, you gotta remember something and that something is this:

The middle finger is not a magic wand that makes everything go kablammy when you use it!

Sheesh… don’t give that expectation to those who are not members of the Finger Club.

So, stop recruiting people unless if you sell magic wand fingers!



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Weekly Funnies- Disaster Disclaimer

Have you ever heard the saying; “Think then act, don’t act then think”? I can definitely say I sure have… but I do not think that everyone takes that saying to heart like how they should. Is common sense a myth?


Now, don’t stand on the edge if you know that there’s someone nearby who will always push you over.


I’m not sure who thought this was a good idea, but the feller with the hammer got a good ‘kick’ to it.


Whoops… took off too soon.


Water balloon carnage in 3… 2… 1…


This is what happens when you’re always in a hurry!


That sure didn’t work out as planned didn’t it?


I can’t be a ‘smartass’ about this! But, this is just too cute.

Ok, I think maybe common sense is a myth to those with selective hearing (or selective thinking). Oh well!

I hope everyone has a good week! Share a smile, spread positive vibes, and remember: think then act, don’t act then think!


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Horror Topic Disclaimer

When it comes to self-expression, I don’t hold back. It doesn’t matter if its drawing, sculpting, painting, or writing. I will not ever hold the raw power that I have within my heart to thrust into my art back. Holding back is like trying to paint with a paintbrush with no paint. But, I will say this; the content I normally put out can be pretty explicit in nature. There are numerous topics I go over in my posts, some things can come across as offensive to others. However, I want to make it clear that I DO NOT condone any form of violence, theft, vandalism, assault, rape, molestation, murder, genocide, bullying, harassment, self-harm, hatred, or anything that would do any potential harm to others. I simply wanted to make a disclaimer that I do not support the things that I have underlined above, but that my content can often be explicit, dark, and or offensive in nature. 

I always put my all and love into everything that I do. I would never personally wish any harm against anyone. I truly hope that you do the same.


(all credit goes to original owner(s) of featured media)