Letter To Dearest- Disasterpiece


Here I am once again my Dearest;

I am here writing to you once again great disasterpiece creator.

I motherfucking hope that you are happy.

Will my overall being suffice? Or does my vile nature do that.

The nature you imbedded in my feet, gnarling barbed roots twisting into the mud, reaching towards the core.

Bounded to the love you gave me to use… I can still feel it pumping in my veins. 

The fibers of my veins erode away from its acidic effects.

It seeps into my skin and reflects outwards into my aura.

My insides burn infinitely from the blinded rage within.

All that exists has gouged out eyes and drilled through eardrums. 

The walking blind, the crawling deaf, the flying dead, the jaded ones.

Why did you create me dearest? For what purpose? I refuse to believe what it could be.

I’ve heard this all before and before and before that and before them.

Before they came, before they appeared, before they spoke, before they listened.

Before it all began. Before my existence. Before all.

Hell is real. She laughs at our expense. She is aroused by our sorrows.

She’s not a devil, nor a demon, nor a being. She’s in your head. 

Hell exists within our minds alone. Her entity exists in our minds.

The Divine Exists too… he watches me, he follows me, he guides me.

Blinding, morphing, creating, changing…

She smiles in my presence… The Divine smiles in my presence…

What the fuck do you want from me?

You won’t singe me, nor save me.

But now it’s just me… who else?

With me… no one other than my ‘divine’ presence. 

I’m no savior, no saint, no prophet, no healer… nothing.

I am the disasterpiece.

I am your disasterpiece.

You’re welcome.


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured image)

Weekly Funnies- Disaster Disclaimer

Have you ever heard the saying; “Think then act, don’t act then think”? I can definitely say I sure have… but I do not think that everyone takes that saying to heart like how they should. Is common sense a myth?


Now, don’t stand on the edge if you know that there’s someone nearby who will always push you over.


I’m not sure who thought this was a good idea, but the feller with the hammer got a good ‘kick’ to it.


Whoops… took off too soon.


Water balloon carnage in 3… 2… 1…


This is what happens when you’re always in a hurry!


That sure didn’t work out as planned didn’t it?


I can’t be a ‘smartass’ about this! But, this is just too cute.

Ok, I think maybe common sense is a myth to those with selective hearing (or selective thinking). Oh well!

I hope everyone has a good week! Share a smile, spread positive vibes, and remember: think then act, don’t act then think!


(all credit goes to original owner(s) of featured media)