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  • The Line

    The Line

    Did I cross the line? Break a boundary? Crack a foundation? I cannot see the damage that I have done, but I sure feel the sting of blank consequences. What line did I break to cause this agony? Please tell me what I did wrong. Please tell me what I did to deserve this. I’m […]

  • NoOne NoOne

    NoOne NoOne

    Heart as black as the midnight sky. I have forgotten who I am in the midst of death. I’ve lost my soul to the false angels and hid within the lair of the demons. I don’t want to remember what I was meant to embrace. I let my thoughts sink into the blackness of night. […]

  • Confession #4

    “I have had many days where I don’t want to do anything but to eat and sleep. These days of not wanting to get out of bed only occurs in patterns. It wasn’t always like this though, I used to feel like I couldn’t get out of bed nearly 24/7. I am proud to say […]

  • Catching up!

    Hello! My apologies for the lack of posts and content lately. I’ve recently been hit by one of many life’s curveballs…. right in the gut, or so it seems. It has taken it’s toll on me emotionally and physically over the past few weeks. Since then, life itself really hasn’t been easy lately, and I’ve […]

  • Giving Up & In

    Giving Up & In

    I have lost the will to be anything other than me. The weight of the mask bears too much on my fragile heart. I’m not a terrible person; I am a person who seeks love and belonging. I search despite the fact I feel as though I am unworthy for it. I have grown sick […]

  • Stretched- 5 haikus

    Life is filigree Dark spots show more than light ones. Sadness is my art. Is life just a test? If so, I’m sure I’m failing. I can restart, right? I don’t lie dear friend. What I feel right now is real. I feel nothingness. Why do you smile friend? What is there to smile about? […]

  • Fatal


    The true monster lies within my head. I know damn well that it wants me dead. I feel as though I’m dangling from a single thread. Sleep has never really been my thing… I can’t feel joy whether if I write, dance, or sing. I don’t want to answer the phone when it rings. It’s […]

  • Dream Journal- The Black Eyes Are Ripping me Apart

    Dream Journal- The Black Eyes Are Ripping me Apart

    The other night I had a nightmare that left me drenched in a cold sweat, hyperventilating. It was extremely intense and graphic for a mostly non-lucid dream. This is an actual nightmare I had that is still hanging around in my head. Its driving me absolutely insane and I hope writing it down will help […]

  • Mind Blowing Disorderly Figures: Fuck it All poem

    Mind Blowing Disorderly Figures: Fuck it All poem

    Fear has become the most overrated emotion of all time. Understanding fear takes more time than it’s worth. Could it be that there are new emotions that are ready to crawl up our spines to manifest in our brains? Knowledge is power, right?  I think maybe it would be worth diving into! To understand all […]

  • World of Psyche- Unmotivation

    World of Psyche- Unmotivation

    I still have yet to fully grasp what the true meaning of unmotivation; however, I do know that at one point or another it affects us all. Its that overwhelming shadow that weighs over us, causing us to feel so low to where even doing the things we love doesn’t seem appealing at all. And […]