Preacher 6 Poem (Version 2)

TraditionalĀ religion is dead.

A divine awakening is upon us and we must not ignore it for this is our time!

I have been summoned to serve in the name of God.

I shall carry out his divine plan and willingly terminate the malevolent ones.

In the name of the Lord I will not fail for I am his anointed servant.

If blood must be spilt in the name of the holy one, let it endlessly flood the streets.

If the tainted souls of Satan must be punished, then let dark army’s corpses writhe in agony and fall.

Open the almighty gates of heaven above and cast iron bars onto the fiery pits of hell.

Thy lord’s divine plan will be completed through slaughter.

Let it be so, so let it be.

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(Original poem)

(Version 3 and Final Version)