Creepku- Ring

tumblr_nel2d8vzr51sqpeago1_400I can see the light rings.

Rings of light in the night sky.

No one can see them.

I’m lucky because I can.

But, here’s the thing though.

The madness is here.

The bites have started up again.

The infectious bites.

Those things won’t bite me, but why?

I will tell you why.

I can see the rings.





What does sleeping mean?

I don’t remember it now.

Does sleeping exist?

Can the mind fog stop?

What is mind fog anyway?

Where does this come from?

Is joy the same thing as sleep?

I seem to lack both.

I feel happiness.

But, I cannot feel pure joy.

Like how I can’t sleep.

I don’t remember.

When did I become this way?

So many questions.

Things left unanswered.

Is that shadow real?

Is darkness real too?

Maybe that creature is too.

The one behind me.

I guess so.


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