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  • Creature Feature- KingSpook

    Creature Feature- KingSpook

    Kingspook-  When you press the play button on one of Kingspook’s videos, you’ll find that there’s absolutely nothing more ominous, yet soothing than his deep voice. It grips you tightly into the plot like a fish on a hook until the very end. Kingspook, a highly unique Canadian horror narrator and voice actor has been […]

  • Creature Features- ClancyPasta

    Creature Features- ClancyPasta

     ClancyPasta: An original, creative, and talented horror narrator and YouTuber. He has been on Youtube for nearly 4 years with two channels, over 10 million views and counting along with over 151k+ subscribers. When it comes to narrating, ClancyPasta has an extremely soft, subtle, yet expressive voice; perfect for storytelling. He’s flexible and kind with […]

  • Update: Apologies for the lack of posts & More stuff to come

    Update: Apologies for the lack of posts & More stuff to come

    Hello my dear friends! I hope you are all having a nice evening with a hot cup of tea or hot cocoa. First off, I want apologize for the lack of posts! Writer’s block has plagued as well as the demands of school (I’m graduating with my AA in Art this Spring). It’s pretty exciting, […]

  • My Last 4 Creations- (Creature Feature- show this artist some love!!!)

    My last 4 creations (20 october 2017): Which one do you prefer ? Earth and sky _ ALOZADE Ahmed Theater of the demons _ ALOZADE Ahmed Heat and water _ ALOZADE Ahmed Fire and water _ ALOZADE Ahmed via My last 4 creations: ..Which one do you prefer ? — paintdigi Show this wonderful artist some […]

  • Spirit in Blue- Where I came from

    Spirit in Blue- Where I came from

    I awake to find myself under infinite blue light. One moment I find myself stuck between multiple realities, sitting under a tree, to now this.  I feel no pain, no worry, no sorrow, no fear, no anger, nothing. No… not nothing. Instead I feel ‘complete’. I feel whole, like as if everything that I had […]

  • Weekly Funnies- You Had One Job! Part 2

    Yayyyyy more silly fails!!! Bring on the fails! Woot woot! Hell to the yeah! =D Alright, seriously enough of that mumbo jumbo. Lets get to it. Ohhh so THIS is what dogs REALLY look like! phenomenal! I’ll take 10 fuckering lights please! What is this fucketry? Did someone Teepee the road??? Someone takes things far […]

  • Sculptures not very famous #13 (Share)

    ART AND BEAUTY IMAGES FOR YOU Sculptures not very famous (13) I HAVE SOUGHT, IN SEVERAL COUNTRIES, ARTISTIC BEAUTIES, NOT VERY CELEBRATED; THIS IS WHAT I FOUND FOR YOU: Very old sculptures Bas-relief on a stele representing the sun god Shamash, in the form of a divine statue, enthroned in majesty before King Nabu-apla-iddina (King […]

  • The Spirit in Blue- Transition and Transformation

    A colossal wave of cosmic light engulfed my whole being. The world that I barely even knew transformed into something that not even my wildest of dreams could manifest. I don’t know begin to describe how I felt as the light swallowed me whole… thousands of words kept popping up in my mind, and neither […]

  • The Spirit in Blue

    The Spirit in Blue

    I have lost track of all the days I have wandered aimlessly, eyes drained of tears and body depleted of energy. My heart tells me to keep going, but my mind tells me to back down, give up. The dreams of the fallen have shattered in front of my eyes. Like their dreams, my heart […]

  • Creature Feature- Nico Wonderdust

     Nico Wonderdust: Is a British Creepypasta and Horror story based writer and narrator who posts new videos every Monday on Youtube. His areas of focus are Creepypastas, Disney, Ritual, and True Horror stories. His Youtube channel has been around for a little over 10 months and has already obtained over 26,000 views and 662+ subscribers. […]