Catching up!

Hello! My apologies for the lack of posts and content lately. I’ve recently been hit by one of many life’s curveballs…. right in the gut, or so it seems. It has taken it’s toll on me emotionally and physically over the past few weeks. Since then, life itself really hasn’t been easy lately, and I’ve found it difficult to find the motivation to continue to pursue all of the great things I had in front of me. After feeling so down and beaten up, I realized that I couldn’t continue to feel defeated from things that were out of my control. I must use my passion to give me drive when I feel stranded in the darkness. With that I am moving forward with my personal passion and drive! 

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Update: Changes Being Made to The Dream Gallery


So, this is something I have been meaning to bring up for a while, but it has taken me a little bit to decide that making a change to this would be the right thing to do. I have reached a point where I feel that it’s time to make a good change or two.

I must start off with wanting to say that I have been wanting The Dream Gallery to grow, but haven’t been sure how to make it do so. The Dream Gallery has has been becoming more and more mixed together with Metaphysics and Spirituality. Despite the fact that the topic of Dreams has scientific meaning, it also has all kinds of other meanings and aspects to it too. Metaphysics, Spirituality, Psychology, Sociology, Mythology, so on. So low and behold, The Dream Gallery is going to be lumped together with a new project that also dives into Metaphysics, Meditation, and Spirituality. I will have more information about these changes coming soon.


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4 Spring Zen Haikus


The cold cycle ends.

The spring lotus flourishes.

New spring blooms within.

Goodbye icicles. 

Sharp ice dissolves from the sun.

Lily petals bloom.

Here comes the new sun.

Smiles grow as the new sun glows.

The new sun is zen.

What’s the song of spring?

Growth, change, flourish, and rebirth. 

This makes my heart glow.


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Loss Frozen Through Thoughts


Painful thoughts throb in my mind as I drag through the days.

I’m not the same person as I used to be before everything happened. 

I changed after I knew I wasn’t wanted, needed, appreciated, and loved.

The hoops you had me jump wore out my legs, twisted my insides, and drained my spirit.

My heart and soul were bent and twisted to fit the kind of companion you wished for.

Sometimes I was your personal pet that you trained to be your own and no one else’s.

Sometimes I was your scapegoat to take the heat from your mistakes.

Sometimes I was used as a venting tool only when it was needed.

But never a true companion….

My own efforts to succeed beyond the finish line that was made for me went unnoticed.

A single mistake lead to harsh punishments and companion shaming… which led to companion hating.

You chose when to punish me and you chose when to forgive me.

The unconditional love you promised to give to me and all others was a fallacy.

Everyone else in your eyes was either a walking flaw or a soul who could do no wrong.

You could never see the pain you have caused, nor the damage that was done to me.

My world became shrouded in darkness for all to see.

Thoughts and feelings of sorrow froze into a nonstop neverending loop of madness.

Any spot of sunlight in my life appeared to be vile and obscene in your eyes.

One day I grabbed a sunspot and wrapped it around my body.

I let the light lift me up even when you attempted to grab my feet and pull me down.

I decided that I wanted to change and go to the next level.

I changed for the better. 

I changed to embrace a new tomorrow. 

You didn’t come with me.

You didn’t grow and flourish like how you said you would.

You didn’t wish for me to be happy or succeed.

You didn’t want to be happy and instead wished for pain on others.

You didn’t want to wish for a better tomorrow.

You didn’t want to be my true companion.

Life didn’t seem to work out in the way I wanted it to.

Unfortunately it just had to be this way.

Patches of old thoughts have yet to thaw out today, but for the most part it is Spring in my mind.

I still miss the old memories, the long laughs, the warm smiles, and times that were good to each other. 

But I can’t miss you, wish for your return, nor have you in my life again.

It has to be this way for the both of us.

I won’t question that.

I’m ready for a new tomorrow.



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A Hugely Gianormously Awesome Update

As of right now, the smile on my face is wider than the surface of the earth. I never thought that I would get to this point with any of my personal projects. My own personality, creativity, goals, and dreams have just flourished within the past few months. I have come a long way since I first created my own blog. My biggest goal has always been to make a positive impact in the world; or even just creating a ripple effect with my own actions that hopefully reaches others and makes their day that much better. But, what I’ve realized is that one of the most important things in life was to make myself happy, and with that, I believe I have accomplished that goal by far. 

I want to continue to create more goals and dreams and start more projects and create new ideas! I still have many things I need to work on and I’ve had my ups and downs for sure… but continuing to work on those and creating new things to work on too! I am forever grateful for those who have been helping me along the way. And with the old things that no longer play a role in my life, stagnant, old things… it’s time to give them the boot! “Out with the old, in with the new”. 

So with that, I wanted to announce some new things that are going to be happening with the site. But… I can’t quite tell ya what all of these changes are going to be! I want it to be a surprise. All I can say is I’m making some big changes, expanding things, adding new things… yes, yes, and they are going to be awesome! 

Again, thank you all so much for your love and support! I can not wait to see what the future brings. =)


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Transitions- Autumn


As we leave behind Spring and Summer;

The sweet scent of something anew fills my nostrils. 

What is it? What is this new scent?

Rainfall, gentle chill of the wind, richly scented soft amber leaves;

I can recognize that smell anywhere!

It’s not just a sensation that blows my olfactory senses ablaze;

It’s the early set of the great sun and the early rise of the Autumn moon.

It’s the temperature dive that makes every nerve ending within my being tingle.

It’s the absorption of the deep greens which bleeds into the reds and oranges we have come to know and love. 

Yes, I can feel it in every fiber of my being.

I can hear the gentle breeze from my bedroom window.

I can see people changing their wardrobes from tanks and shorts to coats and boots. 

I can smell delightly decadent foods with pumpkin, spice, and cinnamon sugar.

I can feel the warmth of the fall transition all around me.

I can taste the autumn sweets as I devour them bite by bite. 

I love this season for every reason I have described above.

Are you ready?


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Dream Journal: The Totem Dream

I had a very odd dream last night. There were lots of totem animals involved with this. I recall being at work, but it seemed a bit different than usual. It was still the same area, only the colors were monochrome (gray, silver, faded colors), and it seemed very warehouse-like, and maybe even industrial looking. I had one of my bosses pull me aside and he asked me if I wanted to help him out with something. AND he also had an offer for a job he wanted me to do. I followed him to the right, out of one of the back doors of the building, onto this ranch, and it was beautiful. It was massive!

5e10154646df14279a828933c754a597     I recall following my boss to this enclosed area that had lots of lions in it. It was a circular cave like area with what appeared to be a floor that could be moved. He said he would be on the other side to feed them and that he wanted me to pull a lever when he gives me ‘the signal’. My boss whistled and I pulled down a lever. I watched as all of the lions scurried through a door into this organized feeding area that had slots for all of them to eat off of. Then the platform where the lions sat upon opened up into a clear pool of water, one of those you see at a zoo or at an animal sanctuary. There were two Grizzly bears that appeared out of no where and swam up from the bottom of the pool. One went to a ledge to the left and sat on it, while the other kept jumping up and down to try to get to me.

933373-grizzly-bear      I was uneasy at first, but then the bear was acting playful. He was high-fiving my hands and playing with them. He jumped up higher and got my face wet, then he nibbled my fingers. The other bear had fish flying at her and she waved at me. The bear who jumped at me seemed almost dog like in a sense. My boss then got the bears to go off into a grassy clearing. Not long after we moved onto a fenced area where there were Llamas laying on these sack-like pillows and my boss started to give handfuls of feed to the livestock. He told me to be patient with the llamas. At first, I was testy with them, and they seemed testy with me, but then we warmed up to each other.

Livestock      I recall looking among the Ranch like sanctuary, looking at the mountains, the trees, and the sunset. I absolutely loved it. I fell asleep in a barn-like home and looked amongst the stars as I fell asleep in the canopy. I woke up this morning, and was gliding down to a building that stored different supplies. It was foggy and cold. All of a sudden I heard a yell by a few girls that I did not recognize, and they needed my help with something. I followed them up towards a road (freeway like) and then into the lush, grassy hills where livestock and horses ran by me. I got onto one momentarily and eventually reached the ranch to this house. I overheard my boss talking to me about this Rooster that was a pain in the ass and kept trying to get away, Within the house there were bits of it that looked like a greenhouse with a bird-like cage. I entered this one castle-like room with a wooden edge that led to a window. I had visions of the rooster flying up, then turning into a Loplop, then a man-like creature, then flying out the window, onto a ledge, then flying away. I saw the ocean from the window and could see the beach and cliffs from down below. I saw my sister for a bit, and I was very confused, especially on how I was going to get the rooster back. After that I woke up.


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