Wooded Path: Black Kitten Ending


The dull blackness ends with a gentle meow which jolts you awake from your deep slumber.

A pair of large yellow eyes are less than an inch away from your face.

The sight of the eyes creates a sense of relief go down your spine and you take a deep breath.

It’s the new kitten you got with your wife about a month ago to surprise your children who have been asking for a cat for over 3 years.

It was love at first sight when you found her at the local shelter and you decided to pick her up in a flash.

Her name was Misty Mittens.

Your youngest being at 13 years of age called her Misty Mittens for the kitten’s paws were so light and soft to the touch.

Not to mention that you can’t hear her as she walks through the house with her gentle graceful stride. 

You gently sit up as to not scare the kitten, gently pick her up, and hold her gently to your chest softly running your fingers along her head and spine.

Her gentle purr brought you back at ease.

You pick her up and gently place her on the floor. 

You find that the living room was in a bit of disrepair and mud and blood colored pawprints seemed to cover the carpet and walls. 

You become slightly irritated and walk into the kitchen to see any further extent of damage.

You find a dead sparrow, a dead rat, and a dead mouse piled right next to your work shoes.

Misty comes in with a look of guilt with a mix of ‘but I love you dad! I left you a present!’.

How can you stay mad at her?

You reach down to pet her head and she purrs softly with the movement of your hand as it goes along her side. 

“Well, it looks like you found the source of all that racket down in the basement and the garage. Nice job girl.”

That still doesn’t explain all of the weird-freaky shit you had experienced. 

You walk up to the counter and peered out the window to find that it still seemed a little bit ashy outside, but the clouds of raining ash seemed to clear up.

Most of everything was still green, but a bit grey in color.

“It looks like they finally contained that wildfire huh Misty?”

She meows back at your remark about the fire.

You look to your left to find the bottle of ibuprofen and glass of water you left there earlier…

By your surprise, when you look a bit more closely at the bottle of ibuprofen… you find that instead it’s Vicodin.

Your oldest being 18 just recently had their wisdom teeth pulled out last week and there was some medication leftover for when your second youngest gets hers pulled out.

Your eyes widen when you realize that you took Vicodin for your killer migraine on accident this morning.

“Oh shit! No wonder… it must have been all a weird dream, right?”



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