Dawn of a new Day


It is the dawn of a new day.

What are you waiting for?

Are you going to let the pain and regrets from the land of yesterday take hold?

You shouldn’t. 

You can’t live your life in the past for it no longer exists.

Open your eyes, inhale the fresh morning air, absorb the sun and watch it glow.

Watch it glow into today.

The past is gone, the time is now.

Beauty, creativity, and success sits within the palm of your hands.

A small thought, action, touch, sound can manifest itself into anything you desire.

Grab life by the reigns, stead fast for the adventure ahead of you, enjoy every moment.

Believe in yourself. I believe in you.


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It’s ok to feel Down

After a massively stressful day at work today; which involved messy work, yelling, chaos, and negativity, I clocked out, went into my car, and completely lost it. I could not get back together until I got home and laid down for a bit. I’ve realized that after everything that has happened, it’s ok to do that. Its ok to have a complete meltdown after so much has happened lately. Even if nothing has really happened it’s ok to do so. I always come back stronger and stronger every time I have a breakdown. 

I give this message because I have met and talked to so many people who constantly beat themselves down. Now we all know deep down that negative self-talk and beating ourselves up doesn’t work. But, some people were raised or influenced to believe otherwise. Telling yourself; “I could do so much better than that” or “I just need to suck it up and get over it” or “What the hell am I doing?” or “I’m pathetic to be getting worked up over something like this” and so on. More importantly so is telling yourself (or others) to immediately calm down during a point where we are not in the state of mind to be able to calm down.


Instead of telling yourself or others to calm down, suck it up, get over it, let it go, etctry saying “Just breathe”. That is the best thing we can do in these kinds of situations. Breathing and allowing yourself to break is what helps make us stronger in the end. Letting ourselves work through it so we can drop the weight from our shoulders is so so much better than holding it within. Stuffing gunk deeper within the bank of our subconscious will never help, but only drag you down to the point where you have no choice, but to break. 

So, let yourself break. Let yourself breathe. Let yourself be. =)

Take This into Consideration… Big Decisions Must Be Made to Move Forward

letting-goLife’s choices are more than just a fork-pronged path. The road less traveled and the one mostly traveled on is an urban myth. The choices that life provides is a simple root that massively spreads to the surface which blossoms when the sun rises.

Within a specific time frame within these rooted paths, we are often faced with two decisions much similar to the fork-pronged path. Do we ‘let it go and move on’ or ‘hold onto it because of would, could, should”. The rock that stands in our way as well as the chains that tie us down from flight is the karma of not letting go. I am guilty of with holding these rocks and chains.

However, slowly which is rapidly turning into quickly like the first rain of the year which always floods our streams has turned this reality around. It finally hit me within the part that matters the most, our hearts. My heart. I withheld some physical, emotional, and spiritual baggage because I worried about how others would feel if I chose to let these things go. I had worried I would block my own path by making fatal choices. I considered the greatest needs of others, when I should have been addressing my own. Weeks and weeks of over analyzing, over thinking, and over complicating things led me to this point.

Not letting go and waiting around for things to change did not do me any service. It blocked my path, stinted my growth, and blocked me from the stars with which I wanted to embark on. Enough was enough, I thought. I let go of the physical items as well as other aspects related to them go for I knew this would keep me from blossoming into a new tomorrow. Guilt, anger, sadness, and shame no longer drag me down farther into the earth for I feel free after letting these things go. I realized it was my fears that was stopping me all along.

So I say this to you… if you are holding onto anything that is holding you back; anything sentimental whether it be a physical item, thought patterns, past plans, or something of the like-let it go asap. Let go of all self-blame, guilt, anger towards yourself, and remorse. Negativity in any way, shape, or form will only add a bulky boulder which will stand right in the middle of your path. Don’t compare yourself to others; I shared this wisdom what felt like ages ago that every individual is on their own path. Lastly, know that everything under the sun and the stars beyond happens for a reason. Much love and light to you all.


(all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)