Weekly Funnies- Boxer Dog Logic


 You just can’t trust those damn squirrels! They’re sneaky!


On rare occasions they call me Gogetit!


What? You told me not to rest my head on yours! I had to improvise…


*Note- If one has a snaggle tooth, then it means that someone is up to no good.


Is there something on my face?


Please have mercy on my dear soul!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the funnies! Have a great day friends.

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Weekly Funnies- More Boxer Funnies


It’s that time of week again ladies and gentlemen… It’s time to —>>>> Bring on the funnies… bring it, bring it, BRING IT!!!!


 “Mom, are we there yet?????”


This is the perfect hide and seek spot! No one will ever find me here!


Objective: obtain ball. Obstacle: massive pool of death. Tools: Oversized swimming goggles. “Let’s do this!!!”


“Dad! I can’t see through the window, your head is in the way!”


“Ooooo!!! What is that? What is THAT! What what what is… THAT!?”

I hope you enjoyed these weekly funnies with love, light, and wiggly tails.

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Weekly Funnies- Boxer Madness Poetry


Bodacious and beautiful

Obnoxious but not oblivious

EXtremely energetic and enthusiastic

Everybody loves her precious little face

Ready for adventure, taking life by the hand.

Social butterfly at heart; loves all people.

That is what the meaning of BOXERS really is. I love you with all of my heart Zuzu. You are my life, my world, my everything. ❤ 


Weekly Funnies- Flappy Face Friday

It’s here… it’s FINALLY here! Friday is finally here! Hooray! Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful week… now it’s time to have some fun, some REAL fun!


Why don’t you stick your head out the window and ‘freshen up’ a bit???


Your face will love you for it!


Come on! Why don’t you show off your pearly whites while getting some air?


Look at those teeth, and my what big gums you have!


Hey, why the long face?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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Weekly Funnies- Boxers and Friends

It has been far, far too long since one of these babies have been posted! We’ve got to show the community of Boxer dog lovers some love, right? Here’s some cute content of adorable boxers and friends.


Mom, Dad, I’m keeping her. You have no say.


I didn’t do it! It was the wind that knocked over the trash can and made the mess… It’s strong enough to push through closed windows! I swear it!


What? Did I hear you say the word ‘barbeque’? Doesn’t the word ‘barbeque’ mean, pizza, hot dogs, french fries, ice cream, and all food?


Hey, hey! I think I found buried treasure!


What’s this thing? It smells like yarn and peanuts.


Snuggle time!

I hope these boxers and friends put a beautiful smile on your face. Have a lovely day everyone!


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Weekly Funnies- Dogs of Winter

The New Year has started and 2016 has come and gone… however there is one detail that just about everyone refuses to face- it’s still winter! Yeah, it’s still cold and it will continue to be cold for quite some time. Snow will fall and ice will form with clumsy drivers two and fro. It really isn’t that bad though, despite what it seems. The winter can be a lot of fun for some folks! Especially for these furry buddies.


White slushy ices is much for soothing and therapeutic for a dog’s tummy than a shag carpet any day.


Don’t worry Mom, I’ll get it all done before you know it!


Omg omg omg this is the best day ever! I love running around in the snow with Batman PJs. They are da bomb!


Alright, here I go! *ploof* Ah shit I’m stuck.


Think fast kid!




You know the furbabies have been out too long when they make a huge tread in several feet of snow.

I hope these furry friends have showed you just how much fun the winter can be! Much love and light everyone.


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Weekly Funnies- Why So Serious?

Here’s the scoop on the weekly funnies: serious boxer pups that MEAN business. Why are they so serious? Take a look and see:


This pooch has a thing or two to say about ‘unappreciated love’ (a bit sticky too)


We’re not going to the vet… right???


You said the magic word! I’m invited…. right?


You know that sharing is caring! So, don’t you care about me?


‘Nuff said! (Ruff)


Do we need to have that ‘talk’ again hooman?

I hope you enjoyed the laughs and have a wonderful day!


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Weekly Funnies- Monday Madness

1d318aa8a0b49eeacf10ed89248fcccfI’ve got more important things to do than *yawn* Monday…

Like sleeping in, midday snack, more sleeping, snuggling, you know.

*yawn* I have a very uptight and busy schedule, don’t you see I’m busy? Now SCRAM MONDAY!

Hope you all have a Happy Monday everyone! 


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Friday Morning Fun!

giphyGood morning everyone! It looks like it’s all downhill (or down slide) from here as we roll on in to the weekend…. or slide 😉

I hope you all have a wonderful day and a fantastic weekend! (OMG Its almost Christmas! =D And for those who don’t celebrate it, its still a nice break!)


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Dear Sachi

Dear, dear blissful little girl.

Where did you come from?

How do you do?

Please teach me your ways and everything you do.

I know that the name ‘Sachi’ means blissful little girl.

All I wish to know is how to attain pure bliss.

You seem to be so carefree and happy even during the wretched of times.

How do you do it?

I’m still trying to grasp an understanding of what pure happiness truly means to me.

Also, how do you continue to stay young as your physical being grows on?

You are young at heart even still to this very day.

Not to say that I’m not young at heart, but I wish to forever maintain that energy level.

I’m always in awe of you.

I love everything that you do.

You truly are a gift from God Sachi.

I love every bit of you.

I love you so much.

I will see you soon my dear.