Weekly Funnies- Furry Friday


This is a class A-example of ‘Friday-itis’, the condition where one simply goes mad until Friday comes!

Alright everyone, Happy Friday! Shake off the Friday-itis and have some fun. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Much love and light as always,


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Cuddle Buddy Thursday


December is upon us all! If you’re cold, grab a snuggle buddy, hot cocoa, popcorn, and sit by the fire and watch the embers glow and dance… or watch Netflix. Whatever tickles your fancy. =)

Always stay smiling friends! Love and light as always, and I hope you and all boxer lovers out there have a great Thursday! 


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Weekly Funnies- TDIF: Thank Dog It’s Friday!


Happy Friday to all #boxerdog lovers and everyone around the globe! Now, excuse me while I do my weekly stair exercise routine! 😉

Weekly Funnies: TDIF- Thank Dog Its Friday!


     Woohoo! Thank Dog It’s Friday! Look mom, I’m an acrobat! =)


Who’s up for some drinks? 😉

Happy Friday to all #boxerdog lovers and everyone out there! =)