NoOne NoOne


Heart as black as the midnight sky.

I have forgotten who I am in the midst of death.

I’ve lost my soul to the false angels and hid within the lair of the demons.

I don’t want to remember what I was meant to embrace.

I let my thoughts sink into the blackness of night.

It’s just me here now, everyone else has died.

No one is here. No one will ever be here.

It’s just me here, no one else.

Forever and always.



05b08c082144865401a8d5e2797dcc1bBeauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Undead are ahead of us.

No one knows why they exist.

No one has the answer to pure insanity.

You shouldn’t be asking questions that you don’t what the answer to.

Make wise choices, and you’ll live.

Any mistake you make is fatal.

Skin is just an eternal flaw in all of us.

Kindness can be mistaken for malintent.

See you later my dear, hop along now….



e604bdbfe016c84aa2d170a51ac513bfToday is a special day for us my beloved.

We are officially, permanently bound by our infinite love!

Skull to skull, spine to spine, stem to stem, blood to blood…. yes.

Can’t you feel it? I do… oh I truly hope you do!

I feel our internal organs mixing into one entity.

I can see sweet, sweet death overtaking us! It’s glorious my beloved!

We will be together on the other side forever… and ever… and ever…

No longer will we have to hang onto this misery that we call an over lived life.

Ahhhh… no need to tremble! It will be alright! No need to be frightened.

Our time had come my dear, I just knew it did! But our bodies certainly did not.

So I did what our bodies could not do! First I melded you and I into one and used the steak knife to make it one and done!

We have been alive for what has been centuries sweetie, it’s time to go!

No more worries for you and I! No bills, no school, no parents, no silly ex boyfriends! And no silly ex girlfriends for me.

I knew that you would be the one for me the day I was born!

Come join me in the afterlife Hon, it will be fun! It’s not like as though you have much of a choice… I really hope you don’t mind!


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Lights Out Insomniac


You can’t depend on the light forever.

There is nothing that can assure you that everything will be alright.


Nothing lasts forever friend.

Not even you will last beyond this point.

Bones, muscle, skin, hair, nails teeth… 

They will all crumble and fall apart… fall apart…

Not even the darkness lasts forever.

Soon thereafter its nothingness.

Void and the abyss are your only friends now. 

Say goodbye to the light, good night…


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Wooded Path: Convincing Yourself that This is Just a Bad Dream: Dead End


Blocking out seems to be the best option at this point, right?

Well, the longer you close your eyes, the heavier your stomach, back, and neck feels to your body.

It’s like as if weights of lead have been placed upon your spine as the world becomes painted with blackness.

Suddenly, a spark of light comes from the blackness.

The light appears as a black rose levitating in mid air, slowly burning away from the flame that engulfs the delicate petals.

A low hum starts to reverberate deep within your ears.

It quickly grows into a loud and sharp ringing that makes you feel as though your eardrums could shatter at any given time.

The once burning rose has now manifested into a pile of ash caked with dark glowing embers.

The ringing within your ears starts to turn into a low, guttural growling noise.

A sound that has never been laid upon your inner subconsciousness. 

A pair of round glowing eyes appear right in front of your face.

It’s really hard to tell how close the eyes are to your own, but you feel that they could be between a few inches to a foot away from your face.

The eyes start to grow slightly brighter for a few moments and just as the eyes appeared, they were gone.

The life that was once within your grasp was ended as a pair of grimy fingers grab you by the ankles and swiftly pulls you within the burning embers from below.



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Peeping Tom

I’ll always be here for you my sweetheart.

Always, always, always, always, always, always…

I’ll never let you out of my site.

Not ever, ever, ever my dear.

You can’t trick my eyes sweetie.

My vision is forever flawless, 20/20 baby!

I know when you’re there and I know when you’re gone.

I can see you, but you can’t see me.

But, that’s ok with me.

I’m satisfied from my point of view at least.

If you could see what I see, man… you’d be blown away…

I can still see you even when I’m gone during the day.

Every. single. moment. of. every. single. day.

Oh my… I love the way you move.

The way you move, eat, sleep, watch tv, dress…. undress.

You are my divine queen.

My divine goddess.

Ever so perfect in my eyes darling.

Ah forever perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect.

Deep ocean blue eyes, long, wavy strawberry blonde hair, curves…

Those smooth curves of yours…

Ok, ok, ok I’m sorry. Sometimes I can’t help myself. hahaha…

I just needed to write this to you.

It has been three years since you have moved next door to me.

We’ve barely spoken a word since then.

I don’t know what it is about you… but I just gotta have you!

I love you!

Don’t dare question me how could I or why, I just do.

I can feel it within my veins and bones.

You’re truly a delight to me.

It keeps eating away at me.

I can’t help but laugh! My god it makes me laugh.

Oh, all of the wonderful things we could do together…

So, tomorrow morning you should find this note under your doormat.

If that one gets lost, that’s ok!

I sent you over 10 copies at your workplace, family, and friends.

Tomorrow at 6:00 am darling, we will finally meet.

And you will finally be mine…. forever.