The Story of the Bird Under the Shade


The story of the bird under the shade goes something like this:

The bird under the shade exists for a reason, but the bird knows not that reason.

He stays underneath the tree where the cool shade resides. 

Safe from all harm, protected from the weather, a perfect spot for safety and comfort.

He kept the shade all to himself and rarely shared it with anyone else, fearing others would steal his shade. He never wanted to leave the shade for he feared that he would risk his own life. 

So he kept himself sheltered from anything that could ever go wrong.

When he welcomed other birds to accompany him in his shade, they would only stay for a short while. The ones who continued to be companions with the bird would often come and go.

The new birds who came into his life showed him there was more beyond this one tree. Warm sunlight, gentle breeze, sweet sights, enticing smells, new adventures. 

As intriguing and enticing all of it seemed… things did seem to get stale underneath the shade; nonetheless he wished to stay under the shade.

One bird came along who cared for the bird in the shade. Both birds cared for one another greatly and wanted to go do great things. The new bird tried to show him all of the great things beyond the tree he stayed under. 

But unfortunately, it didn’t matter if there was anything better out there for him and he pushed the bird who cared so much for him away. 

The bird who cared for the bird under the tree felt unhappy and knew it was time to go. He made it clear that he lived a life in fear, and couldn’t let it go.

The caring bird, heartbroken, flew off into the distance. She perched herself on a branch, brushed off her wings, and flew high into the sky, seeking new adventures and the happiness that follows.  

The bird under the shadow still remains under his tree. Regardless of if he moves to different trees or not is all up to him. Even if he does try to move beyond the tree, he will always stay under the shade he keeps with him. And with the shade, comes a lack of understanding the purpose that this bird holds within its feathers.

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Ravens in the Window


Oh what a great sight to see.

Ravens in my window on a desolate foggy morning.

It’s a funny reminder that life is not as empty as it appears to be.

I might not have very many loved ones with me anymore.

But, I know the winged creatures of the blackness are always there for me.

Lonely, simple, stranded souls trapped into the corporal form of feathered beings.

A symbol of fortune and a friendly reminder of potential omens representing the future.

I can often feel myself dancing, if not waltzing to the inner joy I feel from these creatures.

I love how they perch themselves upon my withered wood and wire fence just to see me.

Just to see me in the wake of a new day.

Why do other people foolishly cower from the sight of these beings?

The Raven is just as beautiful as any other creature who inhabits this earth.

They are not a symbol of death, decay, nor evil. 

They are a symbol of love, fortitude, passion, and protection.

At least to me they always have.

Even as a child I saw them as a glimmer of hope during my darkest days.

One day, these birds will nevermore be a victim of hatred and disgust.

I love my dear Ravens in the window.

Thank you.


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