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  • Nameless Dreamer- The New World Pt 2

    Nameless Dreamer- The New World Pt 2

    The girl looked down at her feet and looked back up to see a thin, almost thread like bridge with dozens of paper lanterns tied on almost every nook and cranny.  What was once a dusk sky transformed and melted into a blue twilight full of stars that stretched endlessly. On the other side of […]

  • Nameless Dreamer- The Development of Wings

    Nameless Dreamer- The Development of Wings

                 As the girl ran after the indigo orb, a sharp pain jabbed her shoulders and back, causing her to fall to her knees. Ow! What the hell? She jumped back up to find that there was nothing behind her. She felt her shoulders for any kind of bleeding or open gashes. […]

  • Grave Dancer (Companion)

    Many moons ago, a young woman and her pet wandered on the path of lost and found. Lost souls wandered on these paths during troubled times, hoping to find the answers they are looking for. These passerbys would see the woman and her pet together hand and hand. However, every passerby noticed something off about […]

  • My Prayer for the Lost Souls

    Dear lost souls who roam day and night; I’m here to guide you with my eternal light. It is time to break the chains that bound you to this plane;  It is time to return to the source from whence we came. Just know that you are not alone. The cause to suffering is something […]

  • An Angel’s Wish

      I wish, I wish I was a fish. I could be a steak, a shish kabob, the perfect, perfect dish. There is only one reason I ever so wish to make this wish. The reason is hope. There are so many days where I find it hard to cope. I try not to say […]

  • Confession #8- Lover of Numbers

    Confession #8- Lover of Numbers

    “I cannot deny that I am a lover of numbers, not just any numbers: Angel Numerology. It was a concept of synchronicities that was integrated into my life by one of many Doreen Virtue’s books and written pieces. I have always believed in God (Creator) and that everything happens for a reason, and yes I […]

  • Dream Journal- If Death was a Human

    Dream Journal- If Death was a Human

    It has definitely been awhile since I have made any dream journal entries. This dream that I had a few nights ago really stuck out to me because of its nature and overall message. I have never seen Death as an actual physical, human-like being… until I had this dream.  I was walking with a […]

  • Sweet Dreams Haiku

    Time to make a wish. The stars will guide you to it. Rest easy, have faith. (all credit goes to the original owner(s) of featured media)  

  • Flatlining Candle Light

    Flatlining Candle Light

    From the beginning of days I knew I would fade away. Fade away from wick to wax to dust… Wasn’t that enough? Isn’t the slow decay of my life enough to satisfy you evil one? I only have what feels like centuries to go, yet my drilling pain has not yet been alleviated. Is it […]

  • Dream Journal: Vulnerabilities and Tattoos

    I had quite an interesting dream last night. Majority of the details in this dream were all directed to some aspect of my day to day life in my state of consciousness. Now, when deep down in the waters of my subconscious seems to reflect those same day to day aspects, but at such a […]