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  • Awestruck


    At first sight, the meaning of life transformed into a deeper meaning. My eyes took in a sight that is forever ingrained into my memory. I don’t have the words to describe the feeling except for one, awestruck. It took one look, a single moment that changed my overall being. That one single moment was […]

  • Dream Journal: Balancing Honey and Puzzles

    Dream Journal: Balancing Honey and Puzzles

    Last night I dreamt that I was put into an asymmetric, geometric like place that was filled with puzzle pieces that glowed in the dark with neon colors. I was very confused to where I was or why I was here in this odd looking room. There were other people in the room with me. […]

  • I Haveth Returned-eth… =D

    Hi there everybody! I have officially returned from an unofficial hiatus! I have some big stuff to share within the next couple weeks! In the meantime, I will be giving you more funnies, installments of my short stories, and re-uploads of older posts. Are you ready for this?

  • Let Me Out

    Let Me Out

    I’m stuck. Not just simply stuck. How did I get this way? I’m –> Struggling-Tattered-Unbearably-Clutching onto-Kindness What else can I do? What else should I do? I’m trapped within myself, trapped within you, trapped within them. Don’t pity me, I don’t pity me. Can you help me? Tied, caged, coraled, glued, pasted, chained, gated, drowning…. […]

  • A Saying of Faith #2

    Both words start with ‘F’. Both words can have an impact. One is positive. The other is negative. Which do you prefer? Faith will bring the best results. Hold on to it tight. Don’t let go of your own faith. Expect miracles.

  • A Saying of Faith

    A Saying of Faith

    Faith has no reason. It doesn’t make miracles. However, faith does. Faith and reason aren’t the same. Reason is logic. Logic doesn’t bring the light. Only faith brings it.

  • Confession #7- Apophenia and Pareidolias

    “I’ve always been able to pick up on things that not all people can. I can easily pick out a face, a being, an interesting pattern or form of imagery out of nothing. I can’t quite remember how long I’ve been able to pick up on little things like that, but I love being able […]

  • The Uni Satire

    The Uni Satire

    Ewwww… omg Wtf? Everywhere I go… People are coming aboard to the crazy bin! Essentially I am alone within a massive horde of them. Obviously the little ones are really not that bad at all. Plus they always spoil me with food, love, and kisses so I can’t complain. Love seems to be a quality […]

  • No Need to Justify

    No Need to Justify

    There is no need to explain the weather. I did not create the snow. There is no need to explain the seasons. I am not the creator of eternal beauty. There is no need to explain rain, winds, and snow. I can not explain it’s happenings. There is no need to explain why things happen. […]

  • Loss Frozen Through Thoughts

    Painful thoughts throb in my mind as I drag through the days. I’m not the same person as I used to be before everything happened.  I changed after I knew I wasn’t wanted, needed, appreciated, and loved. The hoops you had me jump wore out my legs, twisted my insides, and drained my spirit. My […]