Haunted Town- Journal Entry 3- In the Bar

“How could you not see that? The colonial aged person that barged out the fucking door?” Daniel held his hands out as he yelled at the darker skinned old man.

“Little Hope definitely has a colorful history behind it. It’s not how it used to be.” He raised his glass up and took a drink.

John and I walked up to him anxiously hoping to get some answers from him.

“Excuse me, we had a little bit of trouble up the road. We were in a crash and we’re just a little bit shaken up.”

“We’re all just a little shaken up. You look like you could use a drink.”

“The name’s Vince.” Vince poured a shot glass of whiskey and passed it out to John. “Drinking is all I have left, after everything that has happened here.”

“Are you sure you want to have a drink John? Maybe it might be a good idea to keep a clear head.”

John looked at the drink anxiously, thinking about whether to give into a previous desire that was an unhealthy relief from stress, or whether to stay strong and focused.

Let John Drink

Don’t Let John Drink

To be continued….

(Disclaimer: This is a fan fiction of Little Hope. All rights reserved and credit belongs to Dark Pictures Anthology! This is all for fun! There are choices you can make that can affect the story just like the game, but this story differs from the game. Choose wisely!)

Haunted Town- Journal Entry 2

(Disclaimer- This is a Little Hope Fan Fiction. For those that haven’t played the game or don’t want to see any potential spoilers, turn around now. However, things in this story will be different from the original story in a lot of ways. Like the game. Some of the choices that you make will affect the story. This won’t happen for another chapter as you’re getting to know the people in this story. Credit belongs to Dark Pictures Anthology!! I hope you enjoy!)

This fog is completely out of control. I swear I can hear footsteps, laughter, and moaning in the woods surrounding us. Is this like Silent Hill or what? One of my favorite video games by the way. That’s not important, what is important, is that we have to get out of here.

“Hey Andrew, what are you doing on your phone?”

“This is my virtual diary! I know it looks weird that I’m talking to my phone or texting, but I’m taking down everything that happens to us just in case.”

“Ah, I gotcha. Smart move. I thought you were calling for help, but then I realized there’s no service out here.”

“I really, really wish there was.”

John and I always felt close. Call me a teacher’s pet, but this is my second semester with him. I’m always the first one to answer a question or to do a presentation when given the opportunity. He’s like a Dad to me I guess. My Dad was never truly present in my life, drinking his life away, until he got so… *sighs* drunk that he got into a wreck and died. My mom was present, but at the same time a workaholic. It was just me and my baby sister. She’s 16 now and my mom still does the same thing. I’m out on my own, got out of the chaos as soon as I graduated.

I’m still getting way ahead of myself. I guess this crash has made me think about things so near and dear to me. Anyway I’m glad that I myself, Angela, John, Daniel, and Taylor are okay. We don’t know where the bus driver is though. We hope he’s okay, possibly already into town and getting some help.

“Look! Up ahead. I see an old building up ahead past this fog. It’s hard to see, but it’s there.” I said to the others.

“Well, it’s worth a try, right?” Angela said.

“Maybe they have a working phone or something that can help us get out of here.” John said with a light ray of hope.

They go up to the building and they push the door open to see a man sitting at the bar. I saw one older gentleman there with what looked like clothes from another time, walking out the back door.

“Did you just see that???” Taylor exclaimed.

“What the fucking hell was that???” Daniel yelled.

“See what?” The man at the bar asked as he took a shot of some old whiskey.


Journal Entry 3

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Haunted Town- Journal Entry 1

(Disclaimer- this is a fan fiction of the horror game Little Hope. For those who have not played the game and don’t want any spoilers, turn away now. This will have different options like the game you can choose which will have different outcomes. Whatever choice you make will have some kind of consequences. I hope you have fun with this as I will have fun with this. Again this is just a fan fiction I’m doing for fun, all rights belong to the original owners of Dark Pictures Anthology! I hope you enjoy.)

So I decided that from this point forward I would either record my voice or text in my virtual journal on my phone for whomever decides to read this if we don’t or hopefully do get out of this mess alive. I’m Andrew, an 18 year old college student that graduated high school last year. This is my second semester at community college. I was taking a field trip with three other students besides myself along with my English teacher when our bus driver swerved on the road and crashed. Now technically we had finished a road trip at an art museum which had a creative writing seminar that had about a day’s drive away from the school, which is why it took so long to get from our destination to another.

I’m getting ahead of myself here. I woke up from the craziest nightmare of my life. I swear I don’t remember the crash happening. I remember being on the bus, then having the nightmare, then waking up to John looking at me close up. Not to mention having the worst, most painful, throbbing headache of my life. It was pure madness, seeing what seemed to be a dysfunctional, but relatively safe scene burst into flames within a matter of seconds. The worst part of it is it was like as if I was there, living the experience. And that girl… that little girl, Megan I think her name was. There’s something wrong with her. I couldn’t put my finger on what, but I knew that something was wrong, like a curse.

I couldn’t have been happier when I woke up, snapping back into reality. The funeral in that dream haunted my thoughts. I was able to see what I thought was my grave, but it was away from the family’s grave site. When I met up with everyone, I couldn’t have been more relieved. I had thought that everyone had died.

I don’t know why, but Taylor and Daniel wanted to split for a bit. It’s such a bad idea to split right now. I can’t explain this ominous fog. It’s so thick you can just, cut through it with a knife. They tried to walk away but it turned them around in our direction. It was really weird. There has to be some logical explanation for some of these strange findings. I’m concussed, the fog has to be from some big water source, I mean it has to be from something.

At one point everyone yelled at each other and I told them all to just shut up! Yelling at each other just isn’t the answer. So, we’re going into this place called Little Hope. It’s going to take us a few minutes to get there, which I’m taking advantage to write at this very moment in time. I see a building in the distance! Perhaps it means a working phone or something. I’ll write more as the night progresses.


Journal Entry 2

Major Update: Twitch, Bio, Art

Its been about almost 5 months since I have been on last and now I am back with some major updates! I changed my Bio a little bit. Some things in my life have changed. I have been switching jobs and dealing with an injury which has been changing my perspective on life. Growing older has been doing that to me too. Some of that was reflected in my bio. I want to focus more on my art and writing more than anything else. It feels as though I’m just meant to do it. I want to continue to take classes so I can get better and better at what I love to do the most. If it costs more in the long run and might take longer then it is what it is, but I know I can make it happen.

Next, Twitch! Yes I made a Twitch Channel. I love gaming. I have loved it since I was a kid. So I have decided that I wanted to make a channel and stream my favorite genre of games: horror! Just horror, nothing else. The occasional other may slip through from time to time, but not very often. I hope it gets bigger because I have really enjoyed my new channel so far.

Lastly, Art and commissions. I changed that up because I needed to update the artwork that I had on the page. I also needed to update the information on my commissions and what I do in regards to them. If someone has a question about a price, they can come to me. I’ll post general price ranges on the page, but more in depth deals will be posted on my Twitter or Instagram, or both. Only every once in awhile will offers be posted on here. My social media is the best way to get ahold of me.

These are all the updates that I have for now, but I will have more updates in the near future! stay tuned

Positivity and Funnies: Holiday Memes

We’re almost done with 2020 and boy it’s been a year for the history books. What is desperately needed now is some positivity and funnies! The holidays are finally here so you know what that means, holiday memes! Let’s get started on some holiday funnies!

Ouch! I have to admit that it’s National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation pretty right?

Why give away a perfectly good brick?

Hey! That’s not Santa, quick! Hide the cookies, it’s a trash panda!

One of them is cuter and definitely funnier than the other. I’d rather have the lizard than the boxed whatever hahaha.

“Don’t lie! You have an extra batch of cookies for Santa paws, right?”

Haters gonna hate and I’m gonna ice skate!

I thought this was supposed to be a quick gig Martha!

I hope y’all enjoyed these festive funnies! I also hope that everyone has a wonderful day!

Morbid Lady

She haunts my dreams.

Ever since I was little, a black widow incessantly terrorizes me. She wraps me in her wisps of silk and chains me to the walls of her hidden chambers until I wake up alone shaking in fear. The teeth make my hair stand on end. Lifeless eyes, those eyes terrify me.

She preys upon my vulnerability. She thrives on feeding my mind with tarnished thoughts and nightmares. She floods my being with the black waters of death every time I dream of her. If it’s not the water, it’s fire or tar. It’s pure torture. It feels too real to be just a dream. She stands there and laughs. Laughs with multiple voices coming out of her throat. How can she laugh like that?

When I wake up, it feels like I have been tortured for years. I tell myself I have to avoid that woman at all costs as much as possible.

Because of this, my guard is never let down. I don’t sleep, I don’t rest. I don’t leave my home. I work from home and go to college online now. I don’t visit people I know or love anymore, I just can’t. I don’t go outside or run errands unless I absolutely have to. There is no other way than to be on my guard and to protect myself in the only way I know how.

Every time I fall asleep, I see her. Sometimes I can’t defeat the urge to sleep.

She sips on my soul. She has for over 18 years now. My life force continues to fade away as my nightmares go on like this. No one believes me. I’ve tried to tell people, but I have been told it’s all in my brain or that I’m crazy. I’m not crazy dammit! Doctors either give me medications or send me to therapists. It’s a vicious, endless, nonstop cycle. It’s useless.

No one is safe from her, not even you dear. I’m telling you this now before it is too late.

She is the Devil of blackness. She’s a parasite from another dimension! I don’t know how or why she’s here, but she chose me for whatever reason.

There is no time left. She will end you, just like how she’s going to end me.

Dream Journal: Balancing Honey and Puzzles

Last night I dreamt that I was put into an asymmetric, geometric like place that was filled with puzzle pieces that glowed in the dark with neon colors. I was very confused to where I was or why I was here in this odd looking room. There were other people in the room with me. They looked familiar, but I could not remember the names and faces because the colorful neon colors and shapes was too distracting for me. 

       Suddenly, I was teleported into a laboratory that had an hourglass that I had to fill and balance with honey. There was a hole-like indentation in the middle of the hourglass that I had to watch out for. The honey acted like neon-color changing lava that felt so scalding hot to the touch. I stood over a table full of beakers, test tubes, crystals, and all kinds of fascinating gadgets. I could swear I could see a night sky in the background.

            Someone was trying to grab my attention while I was finishing up with the honey. They seemed strange yet familiar to me. They came to get me from the lab and I was walked back into the room that I thought I was in before, but it was a different kind of room which turned out to be a rotating box. The outside of the box was broken yet attached and had to be rotated around to be fit back into place. As the pieces rotated, grains of sugar softly crumbled from the edges of the pieces of the puzzle like box contraption.

             As soon as I was able to fix the box contraption (barely), I was teleported back into the original room that I found myself in. Everyone in that room seemed hysterical that I disappeared. I turned to my left and saw a circular, geometric piece with a image of a feminine monk figure sitting in the middle of it. The monk turned into a seed-tree of life shape. The people in the room with me kept trying to get my attention, but I could not help but feel pulled towards the piece I was looking at. I felt as though I couldn’t let anyone grab my attention away from whatever was going on at this moment in time. After this, I woke up. 

I have had dreams similar to this before, but not this detailed. 



Positivity and Funnies: Zombies!!!!

With how everything has been over the past few months, why not share a few laughs with a few zombie memes? It’s silly, horror themed for the horror fam, and some of them are just so darn cute! Let’s take a moment from the stressful news and brighten up your day with something silly (possibly bringing things that were once dead in the meme world… double the undead process!!)

Good god the myth of hungry zombie kitties are true! Feed them on time or else! 😱
Do you ever get that spine tingling (or in this case ‘munching’ feeling) that something is watching you?
Look on the bright side, at least we will all be eaten equally in the zombie apocalypse. There will be no need for protests on food chain discrimination here!
I thought that death was supposed to look scary…
Here’s an interesting game: you can only pick three things in your home that you can use during the zombie apocalypse. Will you start off as the people on top, or as the people on the bottom? The choice is yours!
The undead MUST have a sense of fashion! Do you still take selfies?

Oh no honey this has nothing to do with bath salts… the first step to recovery is acceptance and you must accept that you are a zombie. 😂

Who keeps calm anymore????? I don’t!!!

I hope you enjoyed this short bit of funnies! Stay safe and have a wonderful evening.

Burn Them Before They Rise

I can’t emphasize the seriousness of this post. No one believes a word that I have to say, but dammit I hope that whoever is reading this right now will. I don’t have much time left to explain.

Has anyone been watching or reading the news??? Well I have news for you: it’s nothing like how everyone has been saying it is. It’s worse. Far, far worse, but in a different way. You see, this is no ‘normal’ by the book pandemic. What pandemic is normal? It’s not, but what I mean is, it’s not a typical disease where people get sick and die…

This is the part where people start to think I’m crazy or that I have serious mental health issues… I don’t. They don’t stay dead! They won’t fucking stay dead.

I used to be a nurse technician in a hospital which was in a very small town, about a couple hours or so away from Los Angeles, California. I can’t disclose any information for the sake of confidentiality and time. When Flu season started, it really wasn’t all that serious at first. But then the cases started to increase, by handfuls, then it turned into dozens. Our hospital only can handle so much so local counties had to volunteer to help. The thing is, when we ran our normal tests like for blood, urine, swab, etc, it didn’t come up as the flu. Not even the strep, common cold, meningitis, sinus infection, or any typical infections during this time of year. It wasn’t the flu anymore… it was something else. People were dying left and right. Yes, some did recover, but not enough of them to say that any true progress was made. It’s more of a 90% fatality rate. If caught early, 75%. Although, that’s rare, more along the lines of 10-15% rare. Most medications, pain relievers, anti inflammatory medications, fever reducers, antibiotics, antivirals, you name it, they really don’t work. Nothing… works…

When they die, each and every one of them emit this really putrid smell of death, rotten flesh, and decay. You can smell it within an hour of them dying. It makes no sense… necrosis kicks in so quickly, too quickly. If they aren’t bagged up and buried ASAP, they will attack with homicidal aggression. They have inhuman strength! It’s not just that… they leak and blood and liquid blackness from the pores of their skins. They grow and twist and contort and it’s just my god…

The first person that they attacked was my mom who was a doctor working with me at the time. Limbs were torn, hair was pulled, eyes gone, head smashed, everything that was my mom was turned into a pile of muscle and bone. I tried to fight the thing by throwing a vase at its head, but it didn’t work. I quit over the phone the next day. I have overheard from other coworkers that they were able to take down that one patient, but that wasn’t the first incident in that hospital. That body was dead for an hour and a half tops. I watched the news for a few days and they showed a map of the globe of the affected areas. I was in absolute disbelief.

My Dad passed away many years ago and the only one I have is my fiancé is on a business trip in another state. The town is completely shut down because of what has happened to the hospital, but I have decided that there is nothing left here for me and it is not safe. Shit! The banging on my doors and windows has been absolutely nonstop!

The hospitals are almost completely overrun and those things are everywhere. There’s no time to hold a funeral or wake for someone unless if they have died from something other than this damned disease, which is rare these days. Burn them before they rise, or else you will be their next meal. Oh my god! Theykbryjkga;?7

(All content in this story is fictional. Artwork rights of image belong to original owner.)

Please, Don’t Try This Profession

Please don’t try this…. ever.

You won’t come back in one piece, or ever.

How I know is because I am a witness.

I have witnessed ‘The Quiet Ritual’ by the CLA (Celebration of Life) done multiple times.

It is for people who are either terminally ill or for those no longer wish to be on this earth.

We celebrate life one more time and at the end of the celebration, the person who is ready to go, goes in their own way.

However, the one who holds the ceremony has to either be a higher authoritative figure in law or religion.

I’m a priest in a Catholic Church.

I’m a relatively young man with no life and all I have wanted to do is make people happy.

I have given so many elders a celebration on their last day of life on earth which has made them and their families happy.

I know this may sound great and all, but here’s the catch to this private service: I also did mention it is for those who no longer wish to be on this earth.

This could be for people who aren’t elderly or sick per say, but for people who are tapping out.

This is the only organization in the world that will allow something like this.

I was very reluctant to do this, but I signed a contract for 5 years and I couldn’t back out of it.

I was offered great pay and I couldn’t go anywhere else work wise.

After the first person I helped tapped out, that’s when I heard the voices.

They told me that every time I had to do a ritual, I had to take a small piece of myself off of my body.

I was overwhelmed with dreams, visions, shadows, and the b-b-bugs… the fucking bugs.

They crawled over me during my sleep.

Thousands of flies and maggots.

Each day, each ritual, each death, each patch of skin…

Patch of skin… patch of skin… patch of skin…

(Image art credit to original owner)