Positivity and Funnies

I’m not all about Horror or Spirituality… or am I? 

Just kidding! I’m a mixture of both and everything in between. But lets forget about that for now.

I’m the kind of person that fills their life full of laughter, fun, and smiles. I absolutely love to smile, laugh, and look at all the positive and upsides to life. Life is good baby! 

And, I also enjoy seeing and making others laugh and smile. I hope to make at least one person smile, laugh, or see their day improve. That fills my heart with pure joy just knowing that I’m doing everything and anything I can to brighten up the world one person at a time.


(Zuzu my lovely boxer dog)

Personally, I believe that the world can often be a dark place. So, we do need more funny and positivity. The more the better!

This is also coming from the perspective of someone who has dealt with Mental Health imbalances like Anxiety and Depression. I have my ups and downs just like every single person out there. I know what its like to feel extreme amounts of stress and to feel so down. I’ve had my fair share of people telling me to ‘calm down’ (and you know that doesn’t work at all right? ….)


Telling folks to ‘calm down’, ‘lighten up’, and or ‘get over it’ is not my goal! Not anywhere close… 

What IS my goal is to spread light, love, positivity, and funnies as much as humanly possible. I’ll have posts up to help lighten up a bad day, bring smiles and laughter, and boost morale every week. Anything from cute dogs (especially boxers), cats, and babies, to memes, positive quotes and sayings, to absolutely absurd things that you cannot help but laugh or smile.

So there you have it. Now if you excuse me I’m going to continue to spread my madness and laughter like creamy butter on toast.