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  • The Perfect Storm- Dream Journal

    The Perfect Storm- Dream Journal

    A couple weeks ago while I was in the hospital (I was inpatient for 5 days), I had some extremely vivid dreams. The one I’m about to describe is one of them. One night I dreamt that I was outside, looking up at the sky and saw a storm brewing ahead of me. I wasn’t […]

  • Three Years on WordPress!!!

    Three Years on WordPress!!!

    ASnowpasta Chronicles turns 3 today!!!! My, my where did the time go? I never thought that in a million years I would be this dedicated to anything like this in my life. I have poured so much time and energy into this site and it never gets old. And yet, the truth is this is […]

  • Positivity and Funnies- Spiritual Memes that Spiritual folks will understand

    Positivity and Funnies- Spiritual Memes that Spiritual folks will understand

    Here’s something new everyone! I have some new funnies to share with everyone! These might not make sense to everyone, but for those who are really spiritual might find a bit of humor in these memes. Enjoy! Does it look like I give a damn? This is an absolute knee slapper!!! XD I’m also pretty […]

  • Dream Journal- Meditation Experience

    Dream Journal- Meditation Experience

    Last night before bed I decided to spend some time doing some heavy meditation. I spent a little over 30 minutes meditating with binaural beats with music. When I was meditating, I saw and felt something very very magical. At first I saw myself in the cosmos and I was gently floating into the arms of […]

  • My Starved Rock Adventure- April 2018

                 My geology class and I went to Starved Rock National Park in mid April. We made a few different stops within the range of the Starved Rock area. We went from Buffalo Park, to a few stops within the Quarry, and lastly Mathessien Park. I took over 100 photos, […]

  • Positivity and Funnies: Affirmation 8

    Positivity and Funnies: Affirmation 8

    Why do we worry so much about having control? It is not possible to have control over everything, except for ourselves. And even then at the end of the day, does it even matter? It doesn’t. The less we focus having control over everything, the less we have to worry about, right? Things happen for […]

  • Simple Smile

    Simple Smile

    Would you smile if you knew that it could save someone’s life? Would you smile if it could wash away someone’s pain? Would you smile if it could improve someone’s mood in seconds? Would you smile if it could change someone’s life? Would you smile if it brings happiness and joy to your own life? […]

  • Positivity and Funnies- WTF?

    Positivity and Funnies- WTF?

    Hey! Hey! Hey! What kind of fucketry is this? I’ll tell you what kind of fucketry this is… well, obviously the best kind of fucketry! Now let’s get to it. It’s kind of hard not to be docile if you can’t see beyond your own warm and cuddly fluff. Okie dokie. Fair enough. I fucking […]

  • Positivity and Funnies- Affirmations 7

    Positivity and Funnies- Affirmations 7

    Pain is temporary, love is forever. It might seem long lasting, but in reality it will come to an end. There is a always silver lining beyond the storms’ clouds. That lining will always lead to an everlasting rainbow. However, without the storm there would be no rainbow. Embrace the storm as much as you […]

  • Positivity and Funnies- Affirmations 6

    Positivity and Funnies- Affirmations 6

    “Let go and let god” Easier said than done right? When things are said and done in the heat of the moment, it’s near to impossible to believe that. Right? Well, at the end of the day the little quarrels between person to person really don’t matter. You don’t have control of the other person(s). […]